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Lineup At The Pussy Licking Slave

Here we have Vanessa enjoying some pussy licking from the bound slave when her two friends Holly and Harmony come home. Now all the girls want in on the action! The slaves tongue may be exhausted but he must continue to orally serve as Holly now replaces Vanessa in getting her turn at some oral pleasure. ‘That’s a good boy’ she encourages him, adding the bite of the whip to emphasize the point. Harmony eventually replaces her and the slave resumes his work once again, keeping his owners sexually satiated. ‘Faster faster faster’ Harmony demands, making the slave really work for it. Eventually the girls are all satiated, and they simply walk away leaving the slave bound for later oral use. What can I say, this clip is ridiculously hot! Three gorgeous girls using their oral sex slave, it just doesn’t get any better.

Lineup At The Pussy Licking Slave   pussy licking oral sex slave oral pleasure bound slave

This Femdom scene contains:

  • she kicks slave when they suck pussy

Just Desserts

Just Desserts   slave panties Mistress Alexis high heels fucking face sit domination session bound slave
Watch a super sexy domination session with long legged blonde Penthouse Pet Mistress Alexis as She teases and torments big slave david for 24 minutes before using Her talented pussy to milk him out into his condom. Down the hatch for his load but not before he worships Her high heels and pussy and gets a lot of oral attention to keep his cock swollen and his balls bursting. Mistress Alexis warms big slave david up by having him clean all the dirt from the bottom of Her high heels as She swings above the big bound submissive. She plays with Her wet pussy above his face and stimulates Herself. She belittles him and remove Her panties to push into his mouth for rinsing. She flops Her big pussy lips over his face and removes the gag to face sit him. Her warm wet mouth sucks his cock to get him hard for fucking. Her pussy in his face gets his cock hard and Her wet mouth sucks on it until it is rigid. She wants to use the bound slave as Her sex toy and he is anxious with anticipation as She slides the condom over his cock with Her talented mouth. She fucks him and teases him with Her mouth and pussy until finally Her tight box squeezes out a load as he fucks Her. The condom is filled with cum as She takes it off. She had put the O-ring gag in before Her pussy milked him and She pours the load down his throat and makes sure he swallows it.

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