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Bad Businessman! – Amber Rayne, Wild Bill

Wild Bill is a married man with a wandering eye and cock who thought Amber Rayne was just a sexy woman he took home from the bar. Little does Bill know that Amber is a hardcore Dominatrix hired by his wife to punish him for all is wrong doings and extra marital affairs. Amber first has Bill bound and gagged as she smothers him with her tits and ass and torments his cock. She can’t help but get turned on as she shoves her giant orange cock into his pathetic asshole. Amber then rides Bill’s rock hard cock until she is satisfied that he has been punished enough, only to leave him milked, naked and humiliated.

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Bad Businessman!   Amber Rayne, Wild Bill   smothers humiliated gagged dominatrix bound Amber Rayne

This Femdom scene contains:

  • julie simone Amber rayne
  • amber rayne wild bill bad businessman

Mei Kasahara, Audrey Leigh

Mei Kasahara, Audrey Leigh   pain orgasms forced orgasms foot worship bound Audrey Leigh

Mei Kasahara, Audrey Leigh

Mei has never, ever been tied up, and she’s certainly never done porn…so why is she here? Because like so many “girl’s next door” she has fantasies, she has desires…and they involve being bound, controlled, punished and fucked. Audrey expertly introduces Mei to pain, forced orgasms, foot worship and more. This is part 1, Chanta will continue the education in Part 2.

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— Smisko

Jezzebelle Bond

Jezzebelle Bond   suspension spanking orgasm humiliation fucking fuck cum bound

Jezzebelle Bond

The beautiful Jezzebelle Bond loves bondage and SM, she likes to be tied up in her personal life for flogging, spanking and humiliation. She enjoys being told what to do and is obedient so that she may earn a nice deep fuck with a big cock. Orgasm after orgasm rip through her body as she is bound, hit and finger fucked…but it’s the suspension and strap-on fucking at the end that will make her cum hardest of all.

Jezebelle – truly one of the most beautifel women to appear on any site. I look forward to future encounters between Chanta and Jezebelle so that we can see Jezebelle’s improvement as a sub – 4 stars

— lvripken

Degraded on the toilet by 2 fat girls

BBW Lady Cathy’s slave is humiliated and beaten by her and her girlfriend on the toilet. He gets faceslaps while he’s bound with toilet tissue – only to get his face pushed into the toilet bowl afterwards. Now the girls flush and have fun humiliation him while they continue to beat him. Faceslaps from the front and the back – while he has toilet tissue in his mouth.

Mistress In Heat

Mistress In Heat   slut slave Mistress Lia Mistress Elizabeth face slapping cum slut bound
A 60 minute escapade featuring Mistress Elizabeth playing with slave tiny and cum slut tosha. Watch as Mistress Elizabeth is orally serviced throughout the film. She allows both submissives to penetrate Her and allows tosha to release on Her perfect breasts. He then consumes his spew during the finale. Mistress Lia felt like spending the afternoon sexually using Her slaves. She opened with slave tiny eating Her to orgasm and then calling in cum slut tosha to lick Her pussy while making slave tiny watch and play with his cock. Grinding Her face on slave tiny helped satisfy Her pussy itch but Mistress Lia felt like connecting Her ass with tosha’s face while She sucked and bit on slave tiny’s cock. After a while She ordered tosha down and tiny lunched on Her ass while She gave Her cum slut some pleasure with Her mouth. Stretching Herself on the table, Mistress Lia had cum slut tosha eat Her from behind. She allowed him to enter Her for a bit and then resumed play with slave tiny. She used Her wet mouth as She ground on his face until he was hard and then lay back and enjoyed being serviced. Mistress Lia spread Her legs wide apart in the swing. She had just finished getting solidly fucked by slave tiny and had cum slut tosha between Her legs cleaning Her off. She used his face as a cum rag and then ordered him on his back on the table. His hands were bound under him as She applied a condom and started fucking him while clawing and slapping his face. Mistress Lia pull cum slut’s tosha’s cock out of Her and sat on his face for a little while. She found She had to pee and straddled the metal bucket and relieved Herself. She ordered tosha to act as Her toilet paper and clean Her pussy of any remaining drops of golden nectar and then put his head into the bucket. Back on the table She allowed him to eat Her pussy and ass. She then lay back on the table and told him to ejaculate onto Her breasts and lick his cum off.

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Alpha Female

When fucking a male slave, always remember that a tightly bound cock will remain hard long after the male has cum. Binding the cock allows the Female rider both the reassurance of a satisfying orgasm, as well as the enjoyment of knowing the cock beneath Her suffers as She continues to pleasure Herself with it, long after the slave is spent. And of course any slave worth fucking is taught how to properly clean up after himself once the woman is thru with him. Using these techniques, any Woman can ride with confidence and pride, knowing She will be the only one enjoying the experience. Witness the power Woman has over man! Behold… Alpha Female!

Cherokee, ben

Cherokee, ben   slaves pussy punished pleasure fuck toy cum breasts bound

Cherokee, ben

Sex Appeal, that is what Cherokee oozes and she knows it! Nice firm breasts, stunning face and an ass that could hypnotize. She likes to keep her slaves bound; cbt is a great pleasure of hers, so is ordering her subordinate to make her cum. He can smell her pussy but he can’t taste it, he can struggle in his binds but he can’t escape…and why would he want to anyway? He is Mistress Cherokee’s fuck toy, punished for her enjoyment, tied up for her pleasure and fucked in the mouth and ass to make her happy.

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Nika Noire, Riley Shy

Nika Noire, Riley Shy   strapon fucked strapon slave pussy orgasms Nika Noire forced orgasms bound

Nika Noire, Riley Shy

Cute, little Riley Shy is caught peering in on Nika’s nurse station at the local hospital so she is pulled in for an exam of the BDSM kind. Stripped, spanked and bound, Nika teaches Riley how to lick pussy. Later, in a kneeling position, Riley pleases Nika’s pussy with a dildo gag, and then her ass with her tongue. The next step in sex slave education is to get fucked. Riley is tied tight and strapon fucked hard on a medical bed. She is also given some electroshock therapy. In the end, Riley is given a series of forced orgasms while bound.

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Harmony, Mark Frenchy

Harmony, Mark Frenchy   spanks slave Mistress Harmony humiliation fucking bound bitch boy

Harmony, Mark Frenchy

mark frenchy has the audacity to stick his cock through the glory hole. Mistress Harmony is not amused, she quickly grabs it and in no time has the balls tightly bound and secured. Incapable of controlling his urges, mark begs for Harmony to take his dick in her mouth, he’ll do anything, he promises. She bites down on his aroused dick and spanks mark hard. The poor bastard is abused both verbally and on his raw dick, which Harmony is focused on torturing. She continues her diversion by tying her slave to a chair and fucking herself with his tool. Now it’s bitch boy’s turn to get the shaft. Harmony secures him to a table with his legs spread wide open. She takes her bitch’s ass hard and rough until he can’t take it any more. His cock is milked and his juices are fed to him in a final act of humiliation.

Great Chemistry!! Harmony is at her best beating Frenchy,

— Madgrad

  • Mistress Tangent