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Sativa Rose, Mark Frenchy

Sativa Rose, Mark Frenchy   strapon slave Sativa Rose pussy punishment cum bitch basement

Sativa Rose, Mark Frenchy

mark is locked in the basement after he shows up late and doesn’t even say he’s sorry. Sativa Rose will only let him out when she’s ready to administer her tough punishment. The sexy lingerie may fool her bitch into thinking she’s up to some kinky game, but Sativa slaps that thought right out of his face. She strips her slave and ties his cock up. Sucks it and slaps it. She sits on her bitch’s face, grinds on it, and orders him to smell her wet pussy. When Sativa is good and ready she rides mark’s cock, making sure he knows who’s turn it is to cum first. Done with her riding, mark gets his ass fucked deep by a fat strapon cock and is made to cum all over himself.

I love how she made him cum and then fucked him for another 10 minutes because he thought he was done . Sativa ( and penny ) are awesome dommes .

— suicide

This Femdom scene contains:

  • sativa rose pegs mark frenchy

Daniel, Harmony

Daniel, Harmony   submission sadism pleasure pain mistress freak cock rope bondage basement

Daniel, Harmony

Harmony brings a hot date back to her kinky basement for some S&M sex. When he makes the mistake of calling her a freak and tries to leave she jumps on him, tying him down and using his body for her own amusement. Sometimes that involves hearing his cries of pain from the sting of her flogger, other times it means using his cock for her pleasure. Either way, daniel receives a kinky education from a beautiful no-nonsense Mistress while in tight rope bondage.

I hope Chanta didn’t give Harmony a single dime for this scene, but was paid by her instead lol! Because twas not work for this ‘freak’, but mere pleasure. Her natural sadism found a nice stuff to exert itself with Daniel. He’s such a fun to look at in front of pains, as if the scream was starting into himself from anticipation before being audible. And there’s always a side of himself scandalized by his submission which comes out hilariously in his attitude. At last, even a ‘kinky piece of shit’, he has something interesting attached to him, becoming quite rare in this period of crisis : a big hard dick! It doesn’t escape Harmony, who takes abusive advantage of that, coming three times without vibrator. Really a deep sucker too. A very successful shoot, full of life, rhythm and interactivity between the actors.

— Atalanta

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