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FemDomme Audrey Leigh Gives Dick Richards Low Grades

When Miss Audrey Leigh’s daughter receives an F in class, she knows something must be completely wrong. She approaches the inferior teacher and demands the grade be immediately corrected and when Dick Richards refuses she searches his desk, finding rope and a ball-gag. Dick is ordered to strip and is tied in the students chair. his nipples are clamped and he takes a hard flogging. Next, Miss Leigh orders him to write lines on the white board with his mouth before tying up his useless cock and balls and putting on her strapon. dick is sodomized on the teachers desk, unable to move from the tight rope bondage he suffers the ordeal promising to change the grade, but in the end it is Miss Leigh that gives dick a big F.

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FemDomme Audrey Leigh Gives Dick Richards Low Grades   teacher strap on slapping rope bondage pegging nipple clamps male sub high heels flogging femdom face sitting discipline dildo clover clamps bondage Blowjob blonde Audrey Leigh

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The Unprofessional Doctor – Wild Bill, Madison Young, Audrey Leigh

Miss Audrey catches Doctor bill seducing his patients and decides she will administer the necessary discipline! In order to do so she takes polaroids of bill in the act so that he must do anything and everything she asks! Both Doctor and patient are bound and gagged while being flogged and zapped with the violet wand. Later, Audrey orders bill to lick madison’s pussy while she is tied to the gyny table. Then she challenges him, if he’s so turned on then why not just fuck her? bill attempts to enter but fails so Miss Audrey pushes his cock into madison’s pussy and spanks him hard as he thrusts! Clearly, bill needs to learn how to fuck! He is placed in doggy position and deep throated while being sodomized! Lastly, bound on the cold floor he worships Audrey’s feet while madison rides him. In the end he has been drained of his energy, his cum and his pride.

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The Unprofessional Doctor   Wild Bill, Madison Young, Audrey Leigh   violet wand sodomized Madison Young gagged flogged feet worship discipline Audrey Leigh

This Femdom scene contains:

  • bill and madison bdsm

Miss Audrey’s Slaves – Audrey Leigh, Chad Rock, Sarah Jane Ceylon

Miss Audrey keeps 2 slaves for her pleasure, a male and a female. Sometimes, when one is good they are rewarded by receiving sexual favors from the other. Audrey keeps chad’s cock in a metal ‘u-turn’ chastity device when she is away to ensure he does not get hard without her but today Audrey wants to tease his chastised cock by having blondie run her tongue over it while she flogs his chest. Later, with balls tied separately Audrey hits chad mercilessly with the riding crop while pleasuring herself to orgasm. Blondie obediently sucks chad’s cock as he is struck and gets him rock hard. She is rewarded by being permitted to cum. Lastly, chad is tied with his legs spread wide and his cock and balls bound tighter than ever before. he is displayed perfectly for a hard anal fucking, the kind Audrey gives better than anyone else!

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Miss Audreys Slaves   Audrey Leigh, Chad Rock, Sarah Jane Ceylon   slave pleasure orgasm chastity device Audrey Leigh anal fucking anal

Mei Kasahara, Audrey Leigh

Mei Kasahara, Audrey Leigh   pain orgasms forced orgasms foot worship bound Audrey Leigh

Mei Kasahara, Audrey Leigh

Mei has never, ever been tied up, and she’s certainly never done porn…so why is she here? Because like so many “girl’s next door” she has fantasies, she has desires…and they involve being bound, controlled, punished and fucked. Audrey expertly introduces Mei to pain, forced orgasms, foot worship and more. This is part 1, Chanta will continue the education in Part 2.

Yeah really cute Mei!

— Smisko

Penney Play, Audrey Leigh

Penney Play, Audrey Leigh   slave orgasms licking fuck forced orgasms flogging Audrey Leigh anal

Penney Play, Audrey Leigh

Penney desperately needs a job at the local strip club so that she can pay her rent….but with someone as tough as Audrey holding the auditions she doesn’t stand a chance. Audrey does find some interesting uses for Penney though! Lots of ass-licking, flogging, forced orgasms and a deep anal fuck while in tight bondage with a huge ball gag seem to keep Audrey entertained…and Penney may be asked back again, but not as a stripper, as Audrey’s fuck slave.

Penny is wonderful, never losing her innocence. both of her shoots I’ve seen sofr on this site are beautiful. Both Chanta and Audrey should be proud of their accomplishments with Penny

— lvripken

Chanta Rose, Audrey Leigh

Chanta Rose, Audrey Leigh   slave Chanta Rose Audrey Leigh

Chanta Rose, Audrey Leigh

Chanta Rose submits to true Sadist Audrey Leigh. Audrey hits hard, and hits a lot. It’s Chanta’s turn to be on the receiving end for once. Audrey fucks her slave hard and slaps her face harder. She finishes off by licking Chanta’s face, knowing that’s one thing Chanta hates.

Just what I wanted to see Chanta. If you cant take it dont give it.

— exsurgent

This Femdom scene contains:

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Cherry Torn, Audrey Leigh

Cherry Torn, Audrey Leigh   sucking fuck dildo gag cunt Cherry Torn breast bondage bondage Audrey Leigh

Cherry Torn, Audrey Leigh

Audrey Leigh returns to fuck and dominate the true submissive Cherry Torn in a gorgeous scene filled with beautiful rope bondage. After being ordered to crawl around and worship Audrey’s shoes, Cherry is inspected, her ass is spanked until red, and her nipples are pinched until she screams. Electrodes are then placed on either side of her cunt, shocking the vulva as Audrey pushes a metal hook in. In tight breast bondage, Cherry is flogged before being ordered to please Audrey with a dildo gag. In a final bent-over strapado tie, Cherry demonstrates her hungry cock sucking skills and gets fucked hard by Audrey’s strapon cock.

cherry proves life ia a bowl of cherries fifty percent pits [pain] to go with the tasty fruit

— pingomatic

This Femdom scene contains:

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Lexi Belle, Audrey Leigh and Kade

Lexi Belle, Audrey Leigh and Kade   trampled strapon smother slaves slapped Lexi Belle fucks Audrey Leigh

Lexi Belle, Audrey Leigh and Kade

kade’s reward for satisfying Audrey Leigh is chained to the wall. Miss Audrey has 2 slaves to play with including a cute bitch. kade is punished swiftly and harshly, and he’s humiliated for his limp cock bound tight. Audrey has kade in bondage and fucks his ass with her strapon while ordering lexi to smother him. Later kade is trampled under Miss Audrey’s feet while lexi is ordered to give him head. It’s not over for kade as he’s ordered to swallow his cum and is slapped around a little more by Audrey.

Audrey has beautiful long toes and does she do private foot fetish sessions?

— meb

Audrey Leigh, Riley Parker

Audrey Leigh, Riley Parker   strapon cock strapon mistres labia fucking flogged dildo bondage BDSM Audrey Leigh

Audrey Leigh, Riley Parker

Local girl Riley Parker has no idea if she likes BDSM. Audrey Leigh breaks in this bondage virgin in a sexy introductory scene. In rope bondage, Riley is flogged, clamped and vibrated. Audrey quickly realizes that she can step it up a notch with this bitch and ties her spread-legged, covering her tits in clothespins and her labia with electrical sticky pads. Riley screams as she is shocked but falls in love with the deep fucking from the samurai. On her back, a dildo gag is shoved into her mouth and Riley must learn to please her Mistress. As a reward for suffering so well throughout, Riley is bound in a doggy position and fucked hard by Audrey’s large strapon cock.


— ingmec

This Femdom scene contains:

  • riley parker bdsm queens

Audrey Leigh, Ryan Keely

Audrey Leigh, Ryan Keely   treatment strapon fucking strapon strapado punishment fucking bitch Audrey Leigh

Audrey Leigh, Ryan Keely

Chewing while in detention doesn’t go down well with Miss Audrey, she punishes Ryan Keely with a swift OTK spanking. But this doesn’t seem to be enough for this smart-mouthed bitch, so she’s tied in strapado, stripped, and flogged. Miss Audrey claims Ryan’s snatch and makes her cum hard. She ties her spread out on her desk and administers some shocking treatment. Ryan screams in panic and tries desperately to free herself, but the ropes are tight and secure. Now it’s Audrey’s turn to receive, so she orders Ryan to lick her cunt and teaches her how to do it well. Miss Audrey has one last punishment for her bitch: a solid strapon fucking.

how come audrey does not take her bra off? beside that it was good

— camp95336

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