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PLUG & PLAY – Chapter Three – Sling King, Blashure, Carmen Rivera, Mistress Hidest

The ladies ordered a bizarre blow-hoe that sucked the slave cock dry with her thick lips and since it was so hot the spunk spat all over her ‘gift bags’ before ‘she’ was thoroughly taken on the fuck swing. Plugged up and let’s go Plug & Play!

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This Femdom scene contains:

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  • PLUG & PLAY: Chapter Three porn

Marlowe and Lee – Lorelei Lee, Maitresse Madeline Marlowe

It’s been 3 years since Maitresse Madeline Marlowe and Lorelei Lee had a slave under their stilettos at the same time! Now the wait is over! Buff stud, Alexander Gustavo, is putty in their hands. They tease and torment him with their beautiful wet pussies but instead he gets a trillion clothes pins. They fill his mouth with their delicious saliva but don’t allow him to drink the nectar. They fuck him deep in his ass and steal the sperm from his balls then sit on his face making him lick the sweat from their delicious assholes. What a lucky slave!

Marlowe and Lee   Lorelei Lee, Maitresse Madeline Marlowe   Maitresse Madeline Marlowe Lorelei Lee face sitting delicious saliva ass licking ass fucking

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Angelic Little Nerd Meets His Devilish Destiny – Arabelle Raphael

The beautifully sadistic Arabelle Raphael returns to dominate Alrik Angel. Alrik’s a hopeless nerd who stumbles upon Arabelle during her smoke break. She doesn’t take kindly to being interrupted so she ties him up in her shop, flogs his ass and torments his nipples. Alrik’s resistance fades as she allows him the pleasure of licking her perfect ass through a bar gag while she cums. Then she puts him over her motorcycle and pegs him hard and deep, and fucks him with a dick on a stick. Arabelle milks Alrik’s cock of his cum, then makes him eat the whole huge load before sending him out into the cold, stripped of his clothes…and his pride.

Angelic Little Nerd Meets His Devilish Destiny   Arabelle Raphael   sadistic pegging flogging dominate ass licking Arabelle Raphael

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This Femdom scene contains:

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Face Time 2

Face Time 2   young mistress pussy licking mistress butt plug ass licking
Young and horny, Mistress Svetlana spends ten minutes on the slave’s face. She spreads Her pussy out wide and has him lick the clit hard then turns and has Her brown hole serviced. Splayed out over his face he sucks and licks Her until his jaw gets sore. She thoroughly enjoys the attention Her cunt and asshole receive. Mistress Svetlana grabs the vibrator and finishes Herself off on the slave’s face. She orders him over the horse and begins to beat his ass with a leather strap. She beats his ass for a bit and then orders him to sit and tilt his head back and applies Her asshole to his tongue. She wants to have the taste of Her ass fresh in his mouth during the beating. She beats him a bit more with the leather strap and switches to a hard slapper which starts to raise red welts. Down to the floor he goes and Mistress Svetlana puts Her asshole over his mouth and orders him to tongue and rim it. Back over the horse he is then beaten with the hard wooden paddle. He takes a ton of beating and then She moves to put the big black vibrating butt plug in his ass and turns it on. She resumes beating his ass with the cane as the vibrating plug is jammed up his ass. She canes him hard for a few minutes and then orders him to stand. She strokes his cock hard and then teases him a bit as She moves the black plate into position. She tells him She wants a big load and milks out his balls onto the plate. She jerks out a huge load and keeps pulling on his cock long after the last drop is out just to ruin any pleasure he has gotten. She orders him to sit and tips the contents of the plate down his throat.

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Blindfolded slave licking her ass

Martha is amazing! She is one of the hottest femdom mistresses out there and she is more than ready to show what she can do to her slaves who can’ resist the temptation to spend the whole night with her and use their tongues to make her cum real hard. This blonde BDSM addict wants to get have pussy licked like never before and that is what this dude is going to take care of. He has a long hurricane tongue which is perfect for eating beavers and that is why he is going to give his best in order to make her cum? She didn’t even want to take off her short jeans miniskirt since she wanted to see him trying. There is no doubt that he gave his best in order to make her happy and the fact that he can?t see anything made him even hornier and ready to start twisting that tongue even faster and keep on shoving it as deep as possible while his mistress was smiling and chatting on the internet. She didn’t want to pay attention to what he is doing, since he is her slave?

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Berlin, Emma Heart

Berlin, Emma Heart   strapon lesbian BDSM forced to cum foot worship cum Berlin ass licking anal

Berlin, Emma Heart

Cute Emma Heart gets tied up and fucked hard by Mz. Berlin in this sexy lesbian BDSM scene. Stripped, flogged, electro-shocked and forced to cum, Emma melts into this kinky world. Emma thoroughly enjoys all the ass licking, foot worship and anal strapon sex Mz. Berlin imposes on her.

Abyssal distance between evil top-class teacher (the fabulous Mz Berlin) and C level pupil (the Cute Cute Cute Emma Heart). Funny scene to watch Mz B.’s face getting more and more bored through the exam.

— Atalanta

This Femdom scene contains:

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  • Assilkling Peasoure

Cindy Crawford, Sandra Romain

Cindy Crawford, Sandra Romain   strapon slap Sandra Romain punishment orgasms lesbian domination forced orgasms foot worship fetish sex bondage ass licking

Cindy Crawford, Sandra Romain

Cindy Crawford looks like a Barbie doll fresh out of the box, but this doll is different, this doll you can slap around, tie up tight and fuck in the ass with a strapon. Sandra expertly dishes out her sexual rage on Cindy including foot worship, ass licking, forced orgasms and some good old fashioned punishment! Cindy’s flexibility is taken full advantage of and she is placed is some very unique strict rope bondage for hard lesbian domination and fetish sex.

Good penetration and masturbation scenes. I now thinks that Sandra needs an urgent visit to Dr Rose for some serious penetration threatment herself!

— Sparky

Julie Night, Harmony and Chanta Rose

Julie Night, Harmony and Chanta Rose   whore strapon DP rubber fuck whore face slapping Chanta Rose bound ass licking

Julie Night, Harmony and Chanta Rose

Never have you seen a girl brutalized, beaten, fucked, bound and all over sexually destroyed the way Julie Night is in this epic shoot. Harmony and Chanta start at 110 mph and never slow down. From harsh rubber band flicking, to face slapping, to mouth packing to ass licking and even to a strapon DP Julie is treated like a piece of meat fuck-whore and loves every minute of it…and of course, when she is not entirely obedient she is shocked with the cattle prod. Now that will certainly make a girl lick ass and suck cock better.

Great trio. Harmony the nipple-twister.

— somey

Mei Kasahara, Mia Smiles

Mei Kasahara, Mia Smiles   strapon sex spanking Sandra Romain punishment mistress humiliating flogging bondage ass licking

Mei Kasahara, Mia Smiles

When Mia’s slaves are bad, she ties them up in her closet while hooked up to an electrostim. She cranks up the shocking intensity and makes herself cum to the screams of her hidden bitch before opening the closet for some real fun! Mei takes it all, and Mia has plenty of punishment and humiliating acts in mind! From spanking to flogging, strapon sex to ass licking, dunking and washing in the tub, to even the cattle prod Mei shows us once again why she is one of the toughest girls doing bondage and SM today.

PLEASE, more Sandra Romain and Chanta Rose. This Mia girl is not a Dom at all and I am sure the sub could have taken more from a real Mistress.

— eggcrate

This Femdom scene contains:

  • mei mara today in ca
  • mia kasahara

Caroline Pierce

Caroline Pierce   strapon sex strapon punishment licking hard SM forced to cum electro play Caroline Pierce bondage ass licking

Caroline Pierce

It is rare to find a model that can do it all. Impossibly strict bondage, hard SM, shocking electro play, rough strapon sex and even give a good ass licking…but we have found her. Caroline Pierce is that girl. But just because she can do it does not mean it is easy for her. In the most intense scene of her life Chanta reduces Caroline to tears in no time at all, and then brings out the cattle prod. Her nipples and labia have heavy weights hung from them, she is gagged, blindfolded, shocked and forced to cum. She screams, she cries and she begs in this game of punishment and reward that is only just beginning.

Great hair. Nice reactions.

— HarleyG

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