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Cherry Torn, Berlin

Cherry Torn, Berlin   tight asshole spanks slave pussy pain slut lesbian domination fuckdoll Cherry Torn Berlin BDSM ass licker

Cherry Torn, Berlin

Cherry Torn becomes Mz. Berlin’s latest sex slave in her search for the best pussy and ass licker in BDSM today. Cherry’s tits are tied tight and she tries to hide some bruises she has with a slutty red skirt. When questioned, Cherry admits to receiving 22 birthday spankings from 3 different friends. Berlin reacts by giving her 66 spanks and cane hits before fucking her ass deep. Cherry worships Berlin’s boots before earning her wet pussy and tight asshole. Many forced orgasms are taken from Cherry as she swaps between sex gimp, pain slut and fuckdoll in this lesbian domination scene.

Well, better dive into rough waters naked of metaphors. Good shoot but no mind blower on the road. No real chemistry between the girls, not because of lack of game cleverness, but of link of personal empathy. I’m partial. For I feel empathy with Berlin, and I remember if this shoot is n° 342, her superb shoot with Daisy Strong is n° 346 at the Factory. So, I will bind myself to say I’m in empathy with this new turn into Mz_Berlin’s domming – the natural way to play the dome which is for me her greatest upcoming in recent times. But I’m afraid to recognize I am unable to feel empathy with Cherry, at least Cherry-342. This rather tough girl seems to me stranger to the scene, through defensive and smiling mood, so she suffers (an enjoys) but is not INTO it very much. The two personalities do not match closely. I have said my truth : you can cut me into pieces.

— regisjean

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