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Jism For Jasmine

Jism For Jasmine   whipping tormenting sucking slave pantyhose milking dildo ashtray
Mistress Jasmine teasing and tormenting slave quacky’s turgid cock before finally milking the jism from his swollen balls. The smell of Her pussy on his face and the constant rubbing of Her hands and pantyhose clad feet drive him crazy at first as she kicks and hits him. She seductively smokes a cigarette with him as human furniture supporting her ashtray. She laughs as he tries to move away from the lit tip of the cigarette. Then, locked in bondage in the stock, he is subjected to cock pumping, dildo sucking, ball weights, light whipping and constant cock contact before being moved under her high heeled boots for worship and spiking. At last, a naked Mistress Jasmine milks a load from him after tying his cock up with the pantyhose She had been wearing.

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Berlin, Johnny Rocket

Berlin, Johnny Rocket   Twisted Factory strapon slave pain bondage bitch Berlin ashtray

Berlin, Johnny Rocket

johnny rocket is treated like a human ashtray by Mz. Berlin. She thoroughly enjoys seeing him writhe in pain as the clothespins are applied all over his chest and dick. The wormboy stares at her huge tits before being placed in some really tight and mean bondage with his balls tied to the floor and nipples pulled down by weights. his ass is flogged and the intensity makes his legs shake uncontrollably. he’s tied down on his back and his legs are spread so that Mz. Berlin can take him like a bitch with her huge strapon cock. When she’s done she leaves him to in search of another male sex slave.

I do love having my boots worshiped. If Chanta allows me to tinker with another bitch boy at the Twisted Factory, I’ll be sure to make him lick my shoes.

— Mz Berlin

Kade, Harmony

Kade, Harmony   punishment Mistress Harmony cum eating cum CBT butt plug bound bitchboy ashtray

Kade, Harmony

kade is reminded of his chores through a series of electroshock punishments including CBT and the cattle prod. Mistress Harmony hangs her bitchboy from the ceiling, takes to his ass with the flogger, paddle and cane before shoving an electrified buttplug inside and zapping him to really make him scream. On his back, bound with leather straps kade is sodomized before Harmony uses him as an ashtray. She cums hard on his cock and milks him mercilessly before leaving him bound for the evening.

A great shoot! Ashtray and cum eating after being sodomized by Harmony! The stuff dreams are made of!!

— dietz

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