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Basement Cuckold Debasement – Arabelle Raphael

Arabelle keeps her slave in the basement and only brings him out to feed him when she has her bull over. Her slave gets to lick the wet spit off the floor from her bull after her stud licks her pussy. She gives slave a little attention in the form of humiliation and CBT while her and her bull laugh. She of course demands he service her bulls cock with deep wet blowjobs, getting him nice and hard for her to fuck. He begs her bull to please fuck her and give her a trillion orgasms. Her slave does but not before he gets a nice deep pegging. Then Arabelle gets all the dick she wants while her slave watches and licks the fuck holes as she cums over and over again. She then strokes her bull off right into her slaves face and he licks up all the filthy cum!

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Angelic Little Nerd Meets His Devilish Destiny – Arabelle Raphael

The beautifully sadistic Arabelle Raphael returns to dominate Alrik Angel. Alrik’s a hopeless nerd who stumbles upon Arabelle during her smoke break. She doesn’t take kindly to being interrupted so she ties him up in her shop, flogs his ass and torments his nipples. Alrik’s resistance fades as she allows him the pleasure of licking her perfect ass through a bar gag while she cums. Then she puts him over her motorcycle and pegs him hard and deep, and fucks him with a dick on a stick. Arabelle milks Alrik’s cock of his cum, then makes him eat the whole huge load before sending him out into the cold, stripped of his clothes…and his pride.

Angelic Little Nerd Meets His Devilish Destiny   Arabelle Raphael   sadistic pegging flogging dominate ass licking Arabelle Raphael

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