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Anita Blue, Berlin

Anita Blue, Berlin   worships pussy slut forced orgasms cock rope Berlin BDSM asshole Anita Blue anal strapon fucking

Anita Blue, Berlin

Anita says she plays with BDSM in her personal life but has never been tied up and controlled by a woman. Berlin expertly introduces her to the ropes, flogging, slapping and lesbian domination. Anita quickly realizes she is in over her head, she’s just an LA porn slut and this shit is just a bit too real for her but she presses on, eager to earn the rewards of forced orgasms and hard strapon cock. Her asshole is shocked while she worships Berlin’s pussy and ass and she suffers through nipple clamps, suction and her very first anal strapon fucking.

What a fun! False leather ass vs raw lips dominatrix. Welcome to Mz berlin II, with a sub who figured she was a tough girl (the last time a girl was repeating on the site : «I am a tough girl!» [Kelly Wells, if my memory good, who was having quite hard time with Chanta] ), then sank downhill to some virtual crash (electricity), but was handled to rise the head out of the water by B. So, we understand why only three positions (and not four) in the shoot. Because Staceyp and Madgrad have captured the essential already, RJ is condemned to wander on margins. I think we assist to a very special scene, here, between a girl who, figuring she was able to top from the bottom, was confronted to tougher stuff than expected, but struggled to play the role (repeating as a mantra : «I am a dirty little slut» etc.) ; and Mz B., rawer than in her precedent doming roles, i.e. more natural, sensitive to the sub fluctuating mind level while putting the pressure. Thus, strong reality effect – real stuff, even with sub models who have limitations at start. Quite captivating on the road.

— regisjean

This Femdom scene contains:

  • domme rope dick tumblur
  • Mistress Tangent