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Berlin, Delilah Strong

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Berlin, Delilah Strong

This is one hot and intense anal training shoot. A very slutty Delilah is the target of Mz. Berlin’s dirty and sadistic desires. Her asshole is in for the mother of all stretches. The bitch is placed in shackles and chained to the floor. She crawls around on all fours like a dirty bitch does, a butt plug is sunk deep into her ass hole, and her pussy lips are abused with metal clamps. If you think the flogging, the verbal humiliation, and the sharp spanking are a lot to take, well they actually made this slut really horny. Thus Delilah starts begging, begging to be made to cum. But now it’s Mz. Berlin’s turn to orgasm, she forces her bitch to lick her cunt and ass, she cums, she cums all over her bitch’s face, and the cum juices make Delilah lick even harder. As a reward for a licking well done, Berlin picks up the Samurai electrode and plants it into Delilah’s hungry ass. Her ass nicely warmed up, it’s time to get to work with the strapon. Is this enough butt play? Not even close. Delilah begs for more, and more she gets. Berlin stretches out her ass hole, and little by little her entire hand sinks right in. So begins Delilah Strong’s first ever anal fisting ….

Fuck yeah!

— lizardnut

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