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He feels great from being fucked

Megan is strong and highly dominating. When she’s towering above you, equally beautiful and dangerous, you can only whimper in obedience. She has gorgeous feet and loves a good foot worshipping. Work as hard as you can, but this won’t get you out of the oral and anal strapon pounding she already has in mind for you. You’re Megan’s property now, so you better enjoy licking that strapon clean after it turned your ass into a mess!

He feels great from being fucked   strapon pounding foot worshipping dominating anal strapon pounding anal strapon anal pounding

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Megan Reece, Audrey Leigh

Megan Reece, Audrey Leigh   worship feet strapon fuck spank slap pleasure pain bondage bitch anal pounding

Megan Reece, Audrey Leigh

In an attempt to spice up her admittedly dull sex life, Megan Reece looks to something different: handing over total control to a dominant female who will pull her hair, spank her, and slap her around. Audrey Leigh thinks Megan’s jeans are tight and slutty, so she spanks her ass and flogs her, then applies clothespins all over her tits and forces Megan to cum using a vibrator. The bitch is then tied down and made to worship Audrey’s feet, her pussy lips are clamped open and her clit is viciously slapped. Unsure about the bondage and pain, but definitely liking the sexual pleasure, Megan succumbs to a hard strapon fuck followed by a harder and deeper anal pounding.

I loved this shoot just for the tight jeans being whipped. Something about my tight jean fetish, but that part of the shoot was A++ and EXCELLENT!

— jhg66466

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