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Berlin, Kristine

Berlin, Kristine   Twisted Factory strapon slave dildo gag butt plug bitch Berlin anal orgasm

Berlin, Kristine

We found a great new slave at Twisted Factory. This bitch has anal orgasms and she’s tough, very tough. Mz. Berlin gets to work on her bitch tied in a reverse prayer, she applies the clothespins all over and canes her ass without mercy. Tied up and suspended, Kristine quickly learns not to be fresh with Berlin when a light flogging becomes a severe bum beating. Berlin sticks an electric butt plug into Kristine and turns up the voltage. The bitch can take it all the way to full voltage and loves every minute of it. Her ass gives her one powerful orgasm after another. Berlin uses her slave to pleasure herself, strapping a dildo gag to her face and forcing her to fuck her hard then harder. Berlin then fucks her slave’s ass with her own strapon cock, leaving an exhausted and thoroughly happy slave.

Yes, reshtneug (not an easy nickname, you must acknowledge for me to spell)… Kristine for me was such an absolute : «I can’t explain about», as I’m concerned.

— regisjean

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