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Kade, Bobbi Starr

Kade, Bobbi Starr   pussy pleasure fucks fuck cum Bobbi Starr agony

Kade, Bobbi Starr

kade tries to hit on Bobbi Starr, says he wants to play. Bobbi pulls out some rope and ties his balls down tight to the ground. Bobbi experiences much pleasure hearing kade squeal in fear and agony. Even more pleasure knowing that he longs to fuck her wet pussy. kade is eventually allowed to cum, but he’s not allowed to leave a mess. Bobbi orders him to lick up his cum, then drags him down to a cold cellar where she ties him down and fucks his ass hard.

Wow! Bobby Starr looks so sweet and innocent all the time. Here she is doing truly evil things to this boy and she still looks like a nice girl. Great trick!

— Wegman

Kick ‘Em in the Balls

Kick Em in the Balls   treatment slaves punishment pantyhose nylon mistress fem dom dominating agony This FemDom has got her hands full… she is dominating two slaves at once. But our Mistress is in total control and has no problem subjugating both dudes simultaneously. She has them dressed in pantyhose, but the nylon is no protection against Mistress’s wicked feet. Yes, you guessed it: She’s the placekicker, and their nutsacs are the footballs. She dropkicks their balls till the guys are in some REALLY serious agony. Maybe that is why they obey her orders… because they know what the punishment will be if they don’t. Or maybe they are simply serious submissives who enjoy this type of treatment. Mistress enjoys it too!

Harmony, Daniel

Harmony, Daniel   slave mistress humiliation cum anal plug agony

Harmony, Daniel

Mistress Harmony has her bitch boy all tied up and wired with electrodes. She enjoys seeing him writhe in fear and agony, it makes her want to turn the voltage up even higher. She does what she pleases with her slave, mummified he can barely move. Electrical shocks are applied to his chest, stomach, legs, and of course all along his dick. Harmony shows mercy and allows him to cum as the shocks make his shaft pulse. In a final act of humiliation harmony pushes an electrified anal plug into daniel’s ass and lets the shocks do the work.

Loved it!

— Passion

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