• Divine Bitches - Cruel corporal punishment for submissive slutboys: Ball busting, trampling, and strap-on fucking

Submissive rimming pro

This busty Mistress is one of those that never get enough, no matter how much pain and abuse they expose their boy toys to. She got her precious holes licked dry, she trampled her slave and gave him a scrotum-tightening ballbusting treatment but… That still wasn’t the end of it all! Watch her bring the pathetic worm’s humiliation to its climax by showering him with her sparkling golden pee!

Submissive rimming pro   trampled submissive rimming pain humiliation golden shower climax busty mistress boy toy ballbusting abuse

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Forced to write on Himself.

Forced to write on Himself.   mistress fucking abuse

What a useless loser. Perfect for this website! This dumb fucker has to write with a marker on himself about how “limp” his balls is. Mistress screams at him to tell him that he’s a “No good for nothing Limp Cock Loser!” And so he’s forced to write it above his useless prick. How can any man be so fucking useless? These women truely like what they do, Abuse men. PureAbuse.com

Obey Mistress Sarah

Obey Mistress Sarah   submissive slaves mistress leather humiliation face sitting CBT anal abuse
Mistress Sarah takes two submissive through a 57-minute fun ride filled with humiliation and abuse. She begins with some light whipping and works into bi, body worship, anal play with two dildos while face sitting one of the slaves and more bi while using a violet wand for CBT. She uses old slave jack to service Her young stud submissive as he is locked in the rack. Dressed in black leather, stockings and high heels; She strips down into a black leather harness to reveal Her killer young body. Black boots and a red vinyl bikini compliment this dynamic Mistress in the second scene.

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Interracial Spanking

Interracial Spanking   spanking slapped punished pain interracial humiliation abuse

“Bend over mister and take it like you deserver” she says. An interracial couple shows us the abuse men are willing to take when it comes to “joyous pain” and “humiliation”. These guys just love to be hurt, slapped, yelled at, beat, kicked and punished in every way thinkable. Stick around to see how many men we have willing to do this.

Harmony, Daac Ramsey

Harmony, Daac Ramsey   pain Mistress Harmony flogged face sitting dungeon cumming bitch abuse

Harmony, Daac Ramsey

A new dungeon client tells Mistress Harmony that all he wants is pain in his session. Mistress Harmony is not the kind of Domme you make demands of, regardless of what you are paying. She’s going to show daac how good bondage and sex can feel. In tight cock-and-ball abuse, daac is flogged hard and his ass is taken deep by Harmony’s strapon. Harmony satisfies her desires by face-sitting her bitch, riding his cock, and cumming all over him.

I’m gay and Daac is breathtaking! But just as impressive is Harmony-even I would give complete control over to her;she’s beautiful. Strange:I know I’d be hard all during the session with her! Kudos to both of them!!

— coyote09

Amber Rayne, Ryan Knox

Amber Rayne, Ryan Knox   smothered flogging face sits cum brutally bitchboy Amber Rayne abuse

Amber Rayne, Ryan Knox

ryan is going to be put under severe mental and physical stress to see whether he’s capable of enduring abuse and still keep his wits about him. he has no idea what awaits him, but will soon find out. Tied down to a chair, Amber Rayne whips his body with her riding crop and forces him to suck on her toes. She face-sits her bitchboy and abuses his cock while he lies helplessly smothered. She orders him to cum, but the worm can’t perform. he’s punished by being tied to the wall and flogged hard, then he’s ordered to lubricate Amber’s strapon cock with his mouth before being brutally fucked.

I lover the flogging i would have begged for more, she is a great Dom. She is so hot I would give my life for her.

— ptferrell

This Femdom scene contains:

  • brandy taylor bondage
  • brandy talore bondage

Amber Rayne, Berlin

Amber Rayne, Berlin   strapon fisting discipline Berlin anal satisfaction Amber Rayne abuse

Amber Rayne, Berlin

Amber Rayne has been put in detention once more. This student doesn’t seem to know how to stay out of trouble, this time she falls asleep in class and her dreams begin. She dreams her hot teachers abuse her by fisting her and fucking her with strapons. They discipline her with the promise of anal satisfaction. Her ambition is to receive full marks in fisting, so she takes Mz. Berlin’s entire fist, followed by a sizable portion of her foot, followed by her large strapon cock.

awesome :)

— rebecca

Balls Are for Kicking

Balls Are for Kicking   slaves slave mistress kicks balls abuse Mistress is easily amused, especially by the heartfelt groans of her slave as she mistreats him. And since Mistress loves to laugh, she’ll mistreat him more and harder. Mistress just loves to abuse slaves. It seems to be her hobby! The slave very properly thanks Mistress after each kick or blow she delivers, but maybe Mistress should be thanking her slave for such amusement. What fun it is for her to kick him in the balls as we see her doing. The harder Mistress kicks his balls, the louder he groans, and the louder he groans, the more Mistress laughs.

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