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Victoria Vonn

Victoria Vonn   Victoria Vonn strapon pain mistress forced to cum flogging cunt cum Chanta Rose bondage BDSM

Victoria Vonn

Victoria Vonn is a fresh discovery, BDSM is new to her. What looks easy turns out to be anything but, and the severity of her predicament starts hitting home about half way into her shoot with Chanta Rose. After a severe flogging in hard bondage she’s forced to cum, and cum, and cum. Tied in a knee-point and with electrodes delivering a sharp reminder of where she is, her cunt is forced into the receiving end of Chanta’s strapon cock. With tears running down her beautiful face all traces of her original cockiness are gone, now she’s begging for her Mistress’ mercy and forgiveness. Where is she now she wonders, caught somewhere in a subspace of intense pleasure and dull pain. How did she get into this predicament, what’s next, how will it end, will it end … Kinky sex is definitely her new frontier.

I love your outfit, Chanta. Is that new or something you’ve had for awhile?

— Wookie

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