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Tia Lydia, DragonLily

Tia Lydia, DragonLily   tormenting Tia Lydia submission strapon orgasm flogging DragonLily domination bitch BDSM abuse

Tia Lydia, DragonLily

DragonLily has no time for one more immature college girl that comes to her office for an examination and acts silly. What this bitch needs is a good dose of domination and abuse. DragonLily ties her bitch with her arms above her head, hangs weights from her perky tits, and begins flogging and tormenting her. A rough clit rubbing and Tia’s body starts convulsing as the orgasms come on. With an electrode shoved into her pussy and the voltage turned higher and higher, Tia begs to be fucked. DragonLily does just that, with deeper and faster strokes of her strapon. DragonLily has no doubts, this bitch needs much more practice to grow out of her silliness and become a better fuck.

not worth saving….. the premiss was unreal and apparently the actors thought so too. I had no feeling of dominance being exerted or submission yielded until literally the last minute of the shoot. much too much hi pitch screeching. ditto giggles. If these arose from Tia’s being fearful then why not just bring that out and use it? If (as is the case IMHO) Tia would have walked if confronted with even a little real intimidation not to speak of pain, then maybe thats what should have happened. OTH if Tia did have some real desire for some BDSM experience but was fearful then she should have been helped to work through her fear/ timidity not indulged in it. sorry but thats how it looked to me……

— Siroco

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