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Star is a hard-core pain slut…but we’re not sure why. She takes everything we dish out but seems sullen and aloof…but then, this is part of her appeal. Cute, young and with a tight little body that begs to be fucked we take her to the Boiler Room for some punishment and rough sex while bound. Star’s tits take some hard bondage and nasty clothespins in every position and although she is rewarded with a hard cock we discover the greatest torment of all for Star is to force her to orgasm time and time again. We even manage to get some tears out of this pretty little face before leaving her tied to the ghetto sybian to cum uncontrollably yet again. After all was said and done, Star was an exhausted but happy bitch to add to the collection.

Ah! bare lands… There is a Far-West still for the pioneers into America! Star compared to Harmony (neighboring shoots) is like Little Red Riding Hood to Full Metal Jacket. This sucking pig-headed girl (as we say in France) is a noisy one : she squeaks plaintively in pains (not very tough here, unless a mean inverted position, but she just doesn’t like pains) and she squeaks in pleasure too (3 orgasms, one of them without vibrator). From laughing to crying, she learned some discipline into Chanta’s boiler room (I hear : «ruum» : australian diction?) ; Chanta, as needed here, always on the soft side.

— regisjean

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