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Stacy Burke

Stacy Burke   strapado slapped pussy pleasures forced to cum flogged cunt cum

Stacy Burke

Stacy Burke needs no introduction, she is a “Fetish Chick” Icon loved by all who see her photos…but she doesn’t normally do this kind of scene. A strict strapado with a tight crotchrope begin the scene, Stacy’s sexy ass is flogged to a lovely shade of pink and we learn she has a foot fetish. Tied spread open Stacy is forced to cum again and again as her feet are punished, she likes them hit, punched, pinched and slapped. Chanta dons a big strap-on and fucks Stacy so good her pussy fills with cunt cream. Some tickling while restrained end the scene and leave Stacy exhausted but happy.

I warn you, guys : never stop to a motel with this girl and have sex at night! She screams like a soprano, and they will call the cops figuring you are strangling her. This girs is a «rigolote» (French for “joker”). She has a mouth in shape of heart, she likes laughing, talking along, striping the sexy way and – coming hard with facial mimics near to laughter. Life for her is a perpetual laugh! It’s her way to try here to top from the bottom, and she succeeds someway, obtaining more pleasures than pains from Chanta. You know the song : «I have two loves – my country and Paris»? For her, the song is : «I have two loves – drinking beer and the cock». Fine ending comedy side with some tickling : this girl is exactly the person you can make d*e laughing through tickling. If I had her into my boiler room, I figure I would start tickling her at least 20 minutes, just to have her beg for the cock (after, only, she would be allowed to drink beer with me)! Finally, we have a scoop here, in the interview : Chanta is a «garçon manqué» (French for “tomboy” – houlalah!). I quote her : «I’d love actually to be able to ejaculate through a cock». Ah! It’s the destiny! Grass is greener in the neighbor’s meadow… A very untertaining shoot.

— regisjean

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