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Sienna West

Sienna West   submissive strapon slaves slapping mistress flogging bitch

Sienna West

Sienna is just beginning to understand the true submissive nature of her sexuality and struggles a great deal to live up to Chanta’s expectations as she’s fiercely slapped around. She tries to keep a handle on this very emotional situation. In a tough standing position, held on her toes by her tied tits pulling her upwards and with arms tied behind her, she is forced to a powerful orgasm with a vibrator pressed against her clit. But it’s not Chanta’s job to please her bitch, it’s the bitch’s job to show her appreciation, so Chanta flogs Sienna’s cunt and demands she show appreciation by thrusting her hips forward to expose more of her pussy to Chanta’s flogger. The next position is a tough one, more than enough for most slaves, but Chanta is no ordinary Mistress, so she ties her bitch on her knees, bent forward, with hair pulled backwards, and proceeds to fuck her fiercely with her strapon.

A kiss! In the Forum, some one challenged us to state what we want More of, and what we want Less of. For More, I thought about putting “mouth kissing”, something intimate that we rarely see. Now here, while Sienna is crying her brave tears, there is a kiss that is one of the most tender and hot I have ever seen on a screen. Oh that was so wonderful. Chanta, you have a gift of knowing to do the right thing at the right moment. Normally what I look at more than once in these vids is the slapping and the flogging and anything else that hurts. But this kiss I will have to see again.

— Frants

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