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Sarah Jane Ceylon

Sarah Jane Ceylon   tit flogging suspension bondage pussy panties pain lesbian domination fucking forced orgasms dildo gag

Sarah Jane Ceylon

The beautiful Sarah Jane Ceylon goes for her annual check up and is unable to fill in her paperwork properly. She does not know how many people she has fucked, or what her sexual preference is. Dr. Rose decides such a dirty little slut needs more than an exam, but rather a lesson in self respect. Sarah is cable tied down to the table for the speculum, cattle prod, violet wand and some tit flogging. Her screams cannot be heard as her dirty whore panties are stuffed deep in her throat. The lesson continues with forced orgasms, dildo gag fucking, suspension bondage and harsh cat-o-nine tailing on the pussy. This is lesbian domination at it’s very best.

I just have to say that Sarah Jane is very, very hot. I love her body, I lover her attitude, and I love the fact that she can really take the pain. Most of all, I love the fact that she seems to enjoy the pain (if she doesn’t, I don’t wanna know). She just does it for me every time! Thanks Sarah and Chanta.

— DarkPen

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