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Sandra Romain, Madison Young

Sandra Romain, Madison Young   strapon strapado Sandra Romain pussy juice pussy punishment orgasm Madison Young fucking cunt bitch

Sandra Romain, Madison Young

A silly student, Madison gifts her teacher, Sandra Romain, a banana dripping in pussy juice. Sandra doesn’t think this is funny at all and ties Madison Young back in a severe arch, exposing her pussy for a good working. Sandra jams Madison’s panties down her throat, then suspends her bitch by one ankle and forces her to lick her ass and cunt. With a vibrator applied to her pussy and whipped hard with the classroom ruler, Madison has a hard orgasm, followed by a deep strapon fucking while bent forward in a strict strapado. Her final punishment is payback for her original sin, she’s ordered to lick Sandra Romain’s strapon cock clean of her own cunt juices.

What a lovely classroom, with these “whore house” on the wall! Very theoretical atmosphere, indeed… Well! And what have we got into it? A young “ingenue” (word from France, guys) in bunches, with scottish uniform, and some gorgeous teacher with raven swing hear. So, this young Maddison has had green banana play alone with her “sandra” : see the scandal? Give her pussy her teacher’s name! That’s deserves school discipline! SO-SOOOH! Two dommes interfere to make it full : Chanta, behind the scene, with a “thought to be hard” bondage ; Sandra, on the scene, showing the soft side of her sadistic personality, believing that little excruciated person were to be comforted into pain… ERROR, great ERROR, guys! Under the classroom ingenue, you have an athlete here, just coming into town from the ranch I guess (Ah! the Far-West : always), who has played lassos with her brothers in her youth (she was the cow), and – who knows what happened into the high grass in the end when the suns were declining in those green days? I think she discovered the fakir trick of rising straight the rope, and this vertical thing arose her interest somehow… So : Chanta’s bondage, however retraining, was very “comfortable” to her ; and Sandra’s coolness a sort of sweet breeze upon her skin. Whahaaaa! This Maddison just fills the screen with her presence (French : «elle crève l’écran»), and while playing the ingenue wonderfully with her mimics (great time), kept lusting for hard rodeo at the end of some lasso (lasso’s a bigger rope than bondage one). A domme, in substance, I fear it, and if I dare, here, TOPPING FROM THE BOTTOM actually…

— regisjean

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