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Fresh and Sexy, Samantha has never done a porn shoot…let alone a hard-core BDSM one. She jumps into the deep end with Chanta’s Bitches and turns out to be a challenge for us. New girls usually need the light treatment…not Samantha. Her pussy gets wet when spanked…hard. She begs for more when most bitches are begging for it to stop, she wants the longest cock we have for the deepest fuck and manages to fit all five of Chanta’s toes in her mouth for an amazing foot worship scene. We are in awe with Samantha…and we’re sure you will be too.

Samantha is truly submissive and it is a pleasure to feel the truthfulness of the shoot. If I can make a critisism, it has been a pity not to exploit her submission to have a video with more action and less sex. That is why I give 4 instead of 5 stars. Can we hope that Chanta will use samantha in the near future for a more active video-session?

— silvers

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