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Rozen DeBowe

Rozen DeBowe   tit slapping strapon fuck slapping punishment pain orgasms lick ass helpless fucking flogging cum Chanta Rose bondage

Rozen DeBowe

Rozen can cum from pain. She has all over body orgasms that cause her to shake and convulse, rendering her speechless and even more helpless. She is stripped, bound with arms spread and has her underwear taped into her mouth. Blindfolded, she has no idea what may happen next. The cattle prod, a harsh flogging and some nasty tit slapping begin the session. Rozen begins to shake…yes, she likes this kinky sex. In cross-legged bondage Rozen’s cunt is electrified and she takes it all the way to 99. Chanta Rose sits on her face and orders the little slut to lick ass. Lastly, a hard strapon fuck. Rozen starts to lose her footing from the multiple orgasms but the tight bondage holds her at perfect height for a good hard fucking.

I do hope we will see Rozen again – to get whipped a real lot, all over. Except on her feet of course. The bondage I prefer to see for whippings is the hands up and on tip toe. With no shoes. And with both arm equally stretched, not like the sloppy work in scene 1 here. Or actually, for a tuff girl, the same pose with no rope or cuffs, just holding on to a suspended handle, with threats of infinite punishment if she lets go.

— Frants

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