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Roma   strapon mistress forced orgasm foot worship flogged Chanta Rose brutally bondage


Roma thought she was through with bondage, but is convinced to give it another shot with Chanta Rose. She’s tied standing and clamps are applied to her tits. Lacking respect to her Mistress is not a good way to start, so her ass is brutally flogged and a dirty ball gag is shoved in her mouth. As her session progresses, Roma starts to change, to submit. The forced orgasms make up for her enduring the strict bondage. To receive more orgasms she gives her ass to Chanta, first with a metal hook, then to a strapon cock. Roma’s training continues with cock worship and foot worship. Finally she’s returned to her trunk and locked up.

Chanta, Roma, I adored this shoot. Roma is one of my favourite new girls, and I really, really hope she makes good her offer and comes back for round two. A masterful effort and wonderful rope work from Chanta. I loved her home in the box too!

— Ashantai

This Femdom scene contains:

  • Chanta Rose Roma
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