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Penney Play, Audrey Leigh

Penney Play, Audrey Leigh   slave orgasms licking fuck forced orgasms flogging Audrey Leigh anal

Penney Play, Audrey Leigh

Penney desperately needs a job at the local strip club so that she can pay her rent….but with someone as tough as Audrey holding the auditions she doesn’t stand a chance. Audrey does find some interesting uses for Penney though! Lots of ass-licking, flogging, forced orgasms and a deep anal fuck while in tight bondage with a huge ball gag seem to keep Audrey entertained…and Penney may be asked back again, but not as a stripper, as Audrey’s fuck slave.

Penny is wonderful, never losing her innocence. both of her shoots I’ve seen sofr on this site are beautiful. Both Chanta and Audrey should be proud of their accomplishments with Penny

— lvripken

This Femdom scene contains:

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