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Mia Lelani, Nika Noire

Mia Lelani, Nika Noire   whore treatment slapping sadism pleasure Nika Noire hardcore fuck

Mia Lelani, Nika Noire

Mia isn’t expecting the kind of rough treatment that’s dolled out in the ghetto school. The headmistress is a rough and abrasive Russian woman that puts Mia through her paces, stripping her down, slapping her around, and abusing her verbally before bending her over for a rough strapon fuck. Nika face-sits her bitch then forces her to worship her feet and to face-fuck her with a dildo gag. By the end of this period Mia Lelani has become a true bondage whore.

HARDCORE SADISM! – Does it sound as a criticism? – A bit on the road for me. Why! This shoot (n°367) comes after two masterpieces of Nika at CB, the Rain DeGrey one (n°355) and the Dia Zerva one (n°357). And the rigging is superb (cf. clip 5) with the filming which focuses on the bodies as statuary moving fleshes (clip 4 & 5). Nika hits hard (clip 2 & 3) and fucks hard (4 & 5). She’s the Nika before huge boobs, but who minds? – So why this ‘hardcore sadism’ sounding a bit of a critic? Why procrastinate? Even if we are into a school story-line here, having a student to demonstrate her A-capacity into deepness of penetration by the ruler-penis of the reason-master (mistress), there is no link between the spirits in this scene. Some rare occurrence, knowing Nika’s energy into play to connect with the other’s one. A shoot some inches bellow the navel, if I may say into porn scenes – but we are at the Factory here, and not in LA. The girl, a newbie, is rather leather skin to pain, and a true ‘sow’ towards pleasure, and I feel Nika never found an upper path to ‘break a mind’ on this ground, but dove into a hidden side of herself : hardcore sex, cleverly brought into light by the director of the shoot, probably the most exemplary ever shot at the Factory. «Strange days», as was singing the immortal singer of the Doors : Jim Morrison.

— regisjean

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