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Lorena Sanchez

Lorena Sanchez   wrestling whore spanking slut slapped pussy Lorena Sanchez lick ass latina gagged forced to cum domination butt plug bound

Lorena Sanchez

Kinky Latina slut Lorena Sanchez is back with a new hard body and tan to die for. She makes a trip to the clinic because she is feeling depressed but Chanta guesses otherwise and after wrestling Lorena to the ground and tying her tight the truth comes out. Lorena is a whore that loves to be bound, slapped, fucked and forced to cum. She’ll lick ass, she’ll have suction devices used on her pussy and she’ll be gagged. Because hot girls like Lorena need domination with their sex to be satisfied.

i really liked the begining… could have used more spanking and a butt plug and some doggy style on the med bench

— doctor rosen

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