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Lexi Belle, Amber Rayne

Lexi Belle, Amber Rayne   tormenting strapon cock snatch pleasure orgasms Lexi Belle brutally fucks Amber Rayne

Lexi Belle, Amber Rayne

Two bitches find themselves in detention together, Amber Rayne is the school bully and doesn’t pass up the chance to boss gentle Lexi Belle around. Soon she ties her victim up, strips her down, and begins tormenting her with nipple clamps. Lexi is ordered to pleasure a horny Amber who rubs her cunt in Lexi face. Tied down on her knees, Lexi is flogged hard on her tits and ass, she’s then placed in missionary where Amber brutally fucks her with her strapon cock. Once her snatch is well warm and wet, Amber invades it with her fist and rips some powerful orgasms from her poor victim.

Mozart : not so bad a musician on the road! – Why that, dude, we ‘re in porn here! – Separating porn and culture, black and white, dude? Me, more intricate, sorry, many peaces, parts of sex linked to culture vs others heading elsewhere, the “polymorphous pervert” capito? – «So what?» – So, I knew immediately it would be my most difficult shoot to comment, guys & gals : the black friday! For immediately I liked & disliked it… And reviewing several times the scenes doesn’t move my feeling out. The scene is clever, very like Mozart’s “As it will please you”, verbally brilliant with a comedy side link between the girls, the whining Lexy and the amazing intelligent Amber, and the two of them have a link together. On the other side (my bad one), I wonder if I am not staying under the umbrella of the Nika / Dia shoot, the Beethoven side into music, the syntax of energies? As I am personally unable to enter Mozart’s music, however admiring its cleverness, while the Beethoven’s one “jumps to my face” in 3D ; in the same way, while admiring the twin clever relation on screen between Lexi & Amber, it was as if a glass window were forbidding myself to enter the scene. Nothing “jumped to my face”, and it was as if, myself accustomed to HD color films, I was re-viewing some black & white old cinema feature, with the impression of some “temporal shifting”. – Easy, dude, for this shoot is n°296 vs n° 395 for the Dia / Nika (100 shoots of difference into TF history)! – Well, yes, you said it! I have stated the effects, your turn to decipher the causes… To summarize myself : a very clever shoot and a good one – not jumping to your face.

— regisjean

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