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Laila Mason

Laila Mason   submissive slap sadistic pain lick ass flogger BDSM

Laila Mason

Laila Mason has never been tied up, or hooked up to electro-stims, or ordered to lick ass, and doesn’t know what a flogger is. So what is she doing at the Factory at the mercy of sadistic and sexual Mistress? Chanta introduces Laila to the pains and joys of BDSM lesbian sex. It becomes clear early on that while Laila has a high pain tolerance she is not at all submissive and even tries to slap Chanta! After being taken down a peg or ten, Laila is fucked hard by Chanta’s strapon cock and given a lesson in how to face slap.

Hey Chanta, Great to see you Domming again. I enjoy your sexiness as always, was it from ’08 shoot?


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