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Hollie Stevens, Natalie Minx

Hollie Stevens, Natalie Minx   whore verbal abuse suspension strapon pussy orgasms helpless fucking

Hollie Stevens, Natalie Minx

Well known Glamor and Fetish Model Natalie Minx has decided to get a little dirty. She craves being used, put in tight rope and becoming a sexual object for the afternoon with tall, blonde Hollie Stevens in charge. After being stripped, Natalie is spanked and flogged, her nipples are clamped and a pussy hook is shoved deep into her cunt, making her a whore. With her feet tied in the air, Hollie strikes them with the riding crop before strapon fucking Natalie’s wet pussy. She cums while her mouth is filled with the ball gag. Once removed, Hollie replaces it with her ass, ordering Natalie to lick deep in her anal hole. In a suspension, Natalie is fucked some more while feeling completely helpless. In the end, she worships Hollie’s feet and is given many forced orgasms.

«Hi RJ!» – «Good afternoon Mz!» – Well, do you have in mind today challenge?» – «I do, Ma’am : answer questions to prove intelligence of the shoot» – «May I suspect any ironical tune in there?» – «No, Ma’am gotcha Ma’am!» – «I like better that! Well the first question is : what is the missing letter into Nathalie Minx’s vocabulary?» – «’e’, Mz!» – «Awfully good! How did you decipher that?» – «She speaks only ‘a’,’i’, ‘o’, ‘u’ words, Mz : ahaa! hii! oooh! huuu!» – «Hum! I note : two bad points for the sarcasm. Now the second question is : who is the domme today?» – «’Fear’, Mz» – «Do you figure you are in a fucking scholastic era, dude, answering by allegories?» – «Fear of the first exam in front of you, Ma’am» – «I prefer that! Last question right now : what’s your appreciation of Hollie’s copy today? No fake, straightly the truth, but I warn you, I don’t like unpleasant or disrespectful statements!» – «She shows application not to break porcelain MINGX, Ma’am, nor disturb her through verbal abuse…» – «Are you kidding ? What this mess about X porcelains or AB. use of language ? This stuff is ‘porn’, not intellectual crap! You flunk!»

— regisjean

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