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Gwen Diamond

Gwen Diamond   submissive nipple punishment Gwen Diamond forced orgasms electro play dominant bound bondage ass worshiping anal fingering

Gwen Diamond

In order to have a model agree to be bound and beaten, a Dominant must agree to give the submissive all of their favorite things. For the very sexy Gwen Diamond that means lots of tight rope bondage, forced orgasms, tickling while tied and harsh nipple punishment. Of course, no scene would be complete without a nice, deep ass worshiping for Chanta and some rough anal fingering and electro play for Gwen.

Just great I comment “after the battle”, here and now : I may rate this shoot 4 without trouble… 5 for Chanta : good job of domming from her, very cool, very black and white, extraordinary fountain of hair in the end down to calf (and I got a hint here! She seams not to be a true blonde!), untertaining tickling along… 3 for the model (sorry guys!), but, on this Valentine Day, she is not exactly my Valentine (I prefer to ride my appaloosa)! She is very shy and week about suffering pains, quite boring speaking around, somewhat superficial in pleasure and not the most attractive looking girl onto earth. She had only C at highschool, anyway… So some lack of chemistry between the two, and no real psychological process. But, one thing into an other, a good shoot overall, thanks to Chanta.

— regisjean

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