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Flower Tucci

Flower Tucci   strapon squirting snatch forced orgasm Flower Tucci cunt cum Chanta Rose bondage BDSM

Flower Tucci

Flower Tucci is new to BDSM and bondage, but she’s well known for her prodigious squirting talents. Chanta Rose gags her, ties her to a wall, and flogs her front. The first of many forced orgasms is thrust upon her as weights are clamped to her nipples. Reversed into a pile-driver position, Flower Tucci’s great snatch is filled with a large electrode and shocks are applied. This makes her cum so hard her cunt forcefully shoots the electrode out. So it’s replaced with a nice ass plug. More squirts are forced out of her talented and generous pussy. Flower is suspended and Chanta Rose shoves her toes right into her asshole. More orgasms, more squirting. Finally her beautiful ass is strapon fucked, hard. Flower cums uncontrollably for one last time and buries her face into Chanta’s ass for a well deserved licking.

THANK YOU,that was so sexy!!!! Two great asses, the word play was A TURN ON ,the tears was sweet and the squirting was HOT!!!!

— TANK25

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