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Devon Lee

Devon Lee   forced to cum cum bound bondage

Devon Lee

Devon Lee has been tied up before, she’s even been fucked in bondage but due to a bad past experience she’s now very hesitant to try it again. So why is she here? Devon thinks that being bound, used as a fuckdoll and forced to cum by a woman will be different, and may just be what she needs to get back into bondage.

«Doctor Chanta, I presume? It’s me, DevonLee, the poor lonesome cowgirl who was badly roped in rodeo by cowboys… Help me, please! They were such nasty guys with me!» – «Do come in my therapy office’s red & black room, sweet girl, I promise I will cure you, you have only to trust me». This strong country girl is a very little scared thing into mind. With cute mouth and nose, she is so pure and innocent, however not a little girl. Chanta spanks and flogs her a bit, and has her come with vibrator and some strap on. This girl sucks – the big toe (lol)! I like these soft shoots, when it’s needed, and here it’s the case. Chanta succeeded to bring into light the personality of DevonLee, very easily, and her face turned from sadness at start to smile in the end. This girl may be a perfect wife for a man, being able to trust the partner who can and will protect her. Fragile but faithfull. I love this kind of tender girls. Beautiful fountain of hair of Chanta here and there in the shoot. This bonus update (because too soft) deserves to be a shoot in itself.

— regisjean

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