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Darling   sucking strapado spitting spanking slut slapping orgasms bondage


Darling is probably the best bondage model in the world at this time. She can handle strict bondage like no other…but can she be a dirty little slut while tied up so tight? Chanta sits her big ass on Darling’s face while in a back-breaking arch, fucks her hard while in a very strenuous strapado and flogs her while she is pulled up on her toes by her tits….and all of this is before the forced orgasms, face slapping, spitting and more.

What a squeaking girl! With this sucking pig face! Chanta inflicted her some light pains (flogging : «Hum?-Ahii! Hum?-Ahii!», face slappping, spanking, and some mean caning : «whiii! whiii!») into restraining helpful rigging (she’s a bondage slut), just to have this cock slut come. And here, it’s something to see! Yes, 6 orgasms only, are you saying? But the first in 30 seconds, the third one in 15 seconds (!), she could have had her second in 22 seconds if Chanta hadn’t restrained her, and she managed to have a little one quite on the Q.T. What a frightening girl! Nice shoot, fair relationship, a beautiful fucking scene Darling in tortoise bondage position on a rattan stool, Chanta very white and thin (but not the ass concerned lol!), with a beautiful single hear plait : see what I was figuring the use of? – A singletail! Why not train to flog the models with this unique singletail?

— regisjean

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