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Charlotte Vale

Charlotte Vale   whipping Twisted Factory submissive strapon fucking strapon slapped painful flogging

Charlotte Vale

Charlotte Vale is late for her first lesbian domination. Her day at the Twisted Factory begins with painful electroshocks on her ass, hard strapon fucking and flogging. Fear of what’s to come is slapped into this collared lifestyle submissive. Finally Charlotte Vail is punished with 1 whipping for every one of the 19 minutes she arrived late. She’s tied down on the stretch rack and her cunt is abused, she’s had all day to look forward to this painful ordeal.

I agree that she reminds me of the Victorian submissive found in my imagining of the Pearl and other Victorian erotic literature; her beauty and curves are really a turn on – not the plastic too beautiful fakes we are blasted with everywhere we turn. Again, the real girl – the girl next door, the girl who works in your office or the bank – is so very very incredibly more erotic to watch – like the cerebral Kristine – so much sexier; (or could it be that it lets me put myself in their places much easier since I am a “real” girl, the girl next door, too.) Hope to see Charlotte again, but this time submitting to much harder pain that she obviously wanted and needed – she really enjoyed the flogging she got, but I wish that the entire shoot had been as fantastic and intense as the 19 cat-o-nine tails punishments she got while racked! And 19 was way too small a number for her tardiness, and thus it went by way too quickly for my taste! Being in the “lifestyle” she obviously needed a lot more for her to even feel it, so, hopefully, this shoot was just a small snipet of much more to come (I know, no pun intended). I can’t wait until I can see her subjected, by a woman, to the intensity she needs and obviously wants.

— softstorm

This Femdom scene contains:

  • painful femdom
  • femdom whip
  • charlotte vale lezdom
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