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Charlotte Slander

Charlotte Slander   tit slapping strapon slapping slapped orgasms cum BDSM

Charlotte Slander

Charlotte is has never experience BDSM before, she’s fresh meat. She doesn’t know the etiquette, she comes to ChantasBitches with attitude and needs to be put in her place. Some tight rope and a few screaming orgasms will do the job. Charlotte is stretched out on machinery and tied in a strict elbows together. Chanta fucks her hard with her strapon cock before taking her to the wash basin to scrub off the dirt and cum.

A general remark, applies also here: Chanta, when there is a tit slapping action, could you ask the camera person to include the tits when camera zooms in on her face? It is still a close up, even with the action shown. They always zoom in on face only for a while, and then cut to full figure. I want to see those tits slapped. Esp when the are pretty tits like Charlotte’s.

— Frants

This Femdom scene contains:

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