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Candy Manson

Candy Manson   sucking submission orgasms orgasm domination dominated bondage sex bondage

Candy Manson

Blond, Busty and Beautiful. Candy Manson is one of the hottest bitches around and this shoot is extremely special as Candy has never before been dominated by a woman. Usually this is a limit of hers but she’s willing to let her guard down for Chanta and what follows is some hard bondage sex, sexy foot sucking and almost a dozen hard orgasms while restrained. Candy, thank you for letting us be the first, your submission is a thing of rare beauty.

Nice shoot! It is fine to see the variety of processing domination from Chanta, according to the variety of the models themselves, so we have in consequence very differents shoots. In this one, a very thin Chanta works on the soft side, with very light pains (feather touching flogging e.g.), and cool bondages (no suspensions). And it works well. Why? Because the model, however not a newbee into sex business (I figure), had never been dominated before by a woman. But, in compensation we got untertaining things. This huge “sow” (if I dare) is an orgasm addict (and a real sub). Well, where is again my calculator? Ah! there it is. So : 7 real orgasms on floor, plus 4 minor ones, plus 2 orgasms lying on bed, plus 1 orgasm kneeling on bed = [4 minor orgasms being equal to 2 real ones] : 12 orgasms as a whole in, say, 40 minutes (but the nine on floor in no more than 10 minutes, i. e. quasi 1 orgasm per minute!). What a frightening girl! Don’t marry her, guys, in no way , whatever may be the marriage contract! You will be washed up in one month, if you have not a plastic dick and a good vibrator! The best moment and a very beautiful one in TF cinema is the scene where Candy, with parallel tapes everywhere as an egyptian mummy, lying on the floor, is rided by Chanta, the two girls auto-vibrating with the same vibrator and coming together. Fine plan from the side, white Chanta upon darker skinned Candy : a sort of mythological double creature in action.

— regisjean

This Femdom scene contains:

  • candy mason Mistress Chanta!
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