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Berlin   temptation strapon slave mistress cunt bondage bitch Berlin ass fucking


Chanta’s bitch, Berlin, signs herself over to her mistress with a contract for 24 hours. During this time, Chanta can do what she pleases with her slave, at any time, any place. What Berlin does not expect is to be captured in her hotel room in the middle of the night, strapon fucked, then loaded into the back of a waiting van and rushed off the Factory. In her new confines she is collared and chained in a narrow, dark cell and left all alone. Unknown hands drop a key out of the darkness. Unable to resist the temptation to free herself from her lonely cell, Berlin tries the keys on her shackles. This brings on a severe punishment from her mistress, and out comes the flogger and the cattle prod. The discipline is continued with the bitch placed in strict bondage, with her cunt lifted up by counterweighting a concrete block to it, by resting her body weight on top of nail pads under her nipples, and finally with a vicious strapon ass fucking.

Absolutely fabulous. I got sooo many ideas for my IRL play from this one. Yay Chanta, you rock.. and Berlin, I love your attitude. Definitely hot, and great energy.

— dystie

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