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Berlin, Sabrina Fox

Berlin, Sabrina Fox   vagina slave Sabrina Fox painfully orgasm ordeal helpless fisting cunt bitch Berlin

Berlin, Sabrina Fox

Berlin enters Sabrina Fox’s cell and begins to flog the helpless slave. But soon after, Chanta enters the cell and binds Berlin, who will also be a bitch today. A hefty concrete block is hoisted up and pulls down painfully on both women’s crotch ropes, holding them very still on their tippy toes. They look at each other searching for anything that will give them strength and courage, their eyes full of fear. Chanta flogs them both and stings them with her single tail. She ties Sabrina down in doggy, her hungry cunt exposed to Berlin who’s placed behind her. Berlin is ordered to get to work with her hand. One finger, two fingers … spread her out, out, out until her entire fist is pumping deep into Sabrina’s vagina. After giving Sabrina an explosive cunt fisting orgasm, Berlin too is tied and suspended and forced to cum by Chanta. Finally the ordeal is over, or is it? These two dirty bitches need to be washed thoroughly, they are tied standing and buckets of cold water are dumped over their hot bodies.

Man! I have made a duty to comment every shoots of CB! It is only by chance here that I checked the comment board open, just to see if an asshole had justify the actual rating = 4.6 (= ridiculous). And I fall on your own comment. I asked once to Tony (on the support) why, if somebody has posted a comment on the comment board, he is not warned of answers as on the the forum comment? But I figure my question was not understood. Hey! If Rodeos Ghost has the will to answer some of my early comments on shoots n° 3 or 18 etc., I cannot spend my life checking the way it’s rolling on each shoot comment board. There is not only a default allowing anonymous rating for mere numbers, but also lack of mail feedback when a shoot you have commented is re-commented, even without reference to your post. Am I clear, here?

— regisjean

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