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Ava Devine

Ava Devine   slap pussy lips pussy orgasm fuck cunt buttplug Ava Devine

Ava Devine

How do you humiliate a woman who talks dirtier than the Domme? The answer: you don’t…instead you just tie her up tight and fuck her ass with every object you can find. From fingers to an ass hook, to a buttplug, to a huge strap-on cock and the Samurai, Ava’s ass takes it all…and the rest of Ava? Well, we didn’t forget to clamp those tits, hang weights from those pussy lips, gag that big mouth, slap that face, flog that ass and of course, rip orgasm after orgasm from that cunt. As insatiable as Ava may be, we think we tired her out…until next time anyhow.

Great energy between Chanta and Ava. I certainly hope Chanta has her return!!

— LVripken

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