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Audrey Leigh, Maria Bellucci

Audrey Leigh, Maria Bellucci   strapon pain orgasm bondage bitch

Audrey Leigh, Maria Bellucci

Maria Bellucci’s boss forces her to make a hard decision if she wants to hold on to her job: she has to agree to take care of her Boss’s male guests when they are in town. Maria really wants to keep her job, so she agrees to be tested for the position. She’ll need to be proven worthy in a rigorous trial including being able to withstand some mean bondage and being fucked in all her holes. Audrey starts by placing her bitch in tight bondage and forcing a steel hook in her ass to hold her absolutely immobile. Her 3 holes are worked to the max with some mean strapons that make her orgasm many times.

I liked maria, as a new comer she didn’t have the “little sh*t” attitude that many do. It was refreshing. I’d have liked to have seen more pain inflicted though. I think Audrey went easy on her but then again I wasn’t the one tied from the ceiling, getting their under-carriage serviced. I might have enjoyed it too much. Good job Ladies.

— serin

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