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Audrey Leigh, Angelina Valentine

Audrey Leigh, Angelina Valentine   strapon sex slave pain humiliation bitch

Audrey Leigh, Angelina Valentine

Audrey Leigh catches Angelina Valentine skipping class hiding in the bathroom. Blackmailing Angelina with a picture, threatening her to show it to the principal, she gets her new bitch to agree to do anything. What, we wonder, will Audrey demand of her hot little sex slave … Angelina never thought “agreeing to anything” would mean getting her clothes torn off, nipple clamps applied to her big tits, and being spanked and flogged. Angelina discovers that pain and humiliation can be also very pleasurable, and she cums several times. Now that Audrey knows this sexy bitch is also nasty, she spreads her wide open by tying her wrists and ankles, she forces her to cum again, and this time she squirts like a fountain. Audrey bends her wet bitch over a table and fucks her hard and deep with her strapon cock. Finally satisfied, Audrey forces Angelina to lick her strapon clean, and leaves her tied spread-eagle on the table for anyone to find her and fuck her some more.

Good shoot! Audrey was nice and cruel as always. Well done.

— Ashantai

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