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Waiting For Her

Bea is home alone. She waits for Joss to come. She has nothing to do except she got one slave in the corner. What else to do than plays with slave boy. In the meantime, Joss comes in the house and find just a slave. Bea has gone to buy something for drink. And now Joss plays with the slave. Finally, they celebrate together and mistreat a guy.

Waiting For Her   trampling smothering foot worship foot fetish foot domination facesitting butt crush Extreme barefoot trample by Bea.

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Girls’ Happiness

Our old small victim Bambina has heard for some new girls on the site and decides to meet Teodora and Sonny. Teodora is well known with her from old golden days of DuneFeet. Sonny is new for her, and these trio make some wonderful moments together.

Girls Happiness   victim trampling riding girls female domination facesitting butt crush Teodora walks over Bambina’s tiny belly.

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Combination X

Joss is the lightest girl on the site with 52 kilos and Bea is youngest and heaviest with 73 kilos. It’s known that small girls are poison and that is Joss. Sadistic nature and girl who knows to have fun. Bea is different. She is cold as ice and she is aware of her weight. She uses the weight to crush anything under her body. Slaves runaway from her.

Combination X   trampling foot licking foot fetish foot domination female domination facesitting face standing face slapping butt crush Trample party.

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This Femdom scene contains:

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