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Golden rain tastes sweet

The Mistress is sitting in a luxurious armchair. And her slave is down at her feet. Mistress sits on slave’s back and * him to entertain her with pony play around the room. She gives to slave a few good spanks on his ass because he’s too slow. Mistress orders him to take off her panties. He excites her with his tongue and gets pleased with CBT by his Mistress. And after that she sits on slave’s mouth with her pussy and starts peeing in it. And all rain that is spilled on the floor must be licked off to the last drop.

Golden rain tastes sweet   slave pony play peeing panties mistress golden rain

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • her pantie slave tumblr
  • golden nectar drink slave tumblr
  • pee on slave tumblr com
  • sm tumbex pissing in pain ov pleasur

Chicks got doggy slave

Megan is dark and delicious in her shiny stiletto heels and black outfit. In this session, she teams up with her fellow Domme to have their way with their caged, masked plaything. Their feet in the high heeled shoes look so beautiful he cannot get enough of them, that dirty beast! Trampled and tortured with cigarette butts, he finally gets a break – a break to feed.

Chicks got doggy slave   trampled tortured stiletto heels domme doggy slave

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • high heel trample double team human ash tray nast girls

Mistress got exemplary slave

Sexy and strict Gianna is ready to use her strap-on to have some fun with her boy toy tonight. As soon he is done lubing the dildo up with his spit, she bends him over, gives him a good deep drilling from behind and then throws him on the couch to continue destroying his ass. The slave is writhing underneath her like a cheap little slut and it is such a turnon for his hot mistress. Her fingers close around his scrotum tightly making him squeal as the strap-on keeps sliding in and out of his ass. He hurts but he can’t stop cumming! Still, when he’s done, there’s another project waiting for him – the Mistress needs to have her sweaty pussy licked dry.

Mistress got exemplary slave   sweaty pussy strap on slave mistress boy toy ass drilling

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Two slaves are satisfying mistress

The filthy pony boys are ready to be let out of the cage for a little training session from Mistress Jocelyn but… It doesn’t look like they are too happy to be released. The workout that they are about to get will be anything but an easy one. Ridden, humiliated, tortured and facesitted by the merciless Asian domina, they will crave to hide back in the freezing iron cage when the game is over!

Two slaves are satisfying mistress   tortured slaves pony boys mistress humiliated facesitted Asian domina

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Nasty actions for rude femdom

Tonight is going to be the best night in this slave’s pathetic life as he’s being passed on into the hands of gorgeous Mistress Taya. This rude beauty loves being in full control of her slaves’ erections, humiliating them verbally and physically as she plays with them. Her new boy toy, for instance, will get the stocking treatment – come see him with tight nylon wrapped around his balls, keeping him erect and leaving his nuts perfectly bare for the domme to spank and whip, making him writhe in pain like the worm he is. As soon as she is done with that part of the training, she generously allows him to worship her beautiful legs with his tongue.

Nasty actions for rude femdom   worship legs rude femdom pain nylon mistress humiliating domme

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Satisfies from punishing the slave

Russian Mistress Kayla is putting her new slave through sheer hell tonight. The tight chastity device on his cock hurts him even when he’s completely flaccid, so… Can you even imagine what he experiences when the merciless beauty starts fluffing him up? The harder he gets, the bigger the pain! That’s it – no more boners when he sees the one he craves so badly, period!

Satisfies from punishing the slave   slave russian mistress punishing pain chastity device

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He feels great from being fucked

Megan is strong and highly dominating. When she’s towering above you, equally beautiful and dangerous, you can only whimper in obedience. She has gorgeous feet and loves a good foot worshipping. Work as hard as you can, but this won’t get you out of the oral and anal strapon pounding she already has in mind for you. You’re Megan’s property now, so you better enjoy licking that strapon clean after it turned your ass into a mess!

He feels great from being fucked   strapon pounding foot worshipping dominating anal strapon pounding anal strapon anal pounding

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The slave gets strapon in his asshole

Does this slave want to get fucked in the ass by his Mistress? Not really. Will he dare to do anything to avoid this punishment? Come on, he’s too much of a pussy for that. He’s on the verge of bursting into tears but he is still helping the domme to strap it up and stick it in his ass – without even a single drop of lube! He’s about to get his ass destroyed and you know what? He deserves it!

The slave gets strapon in his asshole   strapon slave punishment mistress domme ass fucking

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Strict mistress rudely punishes her slave

Today young mistress Cassidy is upbringing her newbie slave. He did not have such experiences before and does not have any skills; he is going to be touched what the humiliation and pain actually is. Being slapped on face and spit in his mouth he still pleases his mistress by kissing and licking her shoes. The lady checks out her servant’s genitals and slaps it with hand and stack. The slave has to resignedly handle out everything! After that, the slave turns into a toilet. Mrs. Squats on his face and uses it for her nasty needs. After drinking all till the last drop, the slave got to clean up her wet pussy with his tongue.

Strict mistress rudely punishes her slave   young mistress strict mistress spit in mouth slave pee drinking pain humiliation human toilet face slapping

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • slave piss drinking humiliation

Mistress fucks her slave

Mistress Linda knows how to fuck her slave’s face but there’s also another opening on his body that has been left unfilled so far. But don’t worry, her strap-on will fix that. Bent over the armchair and yelling like a bitch, her sub is finally getting the treatment he deserves! See him nailed so hard he takes the foot domination session that comes next as the biggest blessing in his entire life!

Mistress fucks her slave   strap on slave mistress foot domination

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