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My private shit eater

As I am sitting in my bed I explain very clearly to my slave that i can make all men do nasty things just by giving them some pleasure. As beautiful as I am any slave cater to my every need.. So I tell my slave that this will happen to him today. I tell him to undress, first of all so I can have a laugh of his tiny dick. But he is always doing what I say.. no matter what.. He has a collar that says he belongs to me.. and only me! He has to lay down and start wanking his little rascal, while I hover over him in my panty teasing him with my sexy ass.. I know he is so easily teased by a beautiful Princess like me. I take his dick and start wanking it for him while I start to pee in his mouth.. This should be paradise for my slave.. After all being touched by my Princess hands while I pee in his mouth is a privilege. You can see he is getting harder and harder.. But then again! It is me! Then I tell him to get ready.. I need to shit, and I push out two large turds in his mouth and face. I am still wanking him while he has my shit in his mouth.. I count from 10 to zero, and he cum as I say zero.. So you see I can make all men shit eaters by giving them a little pleasure. He will remember the sensational feeling having my shit in his mouth gave him forever. So from now on, his only diet will be what is processed through my Princess body.

My private shit eater   toilet slavery

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Awesome pee party with my friends

I invited two friends to join me and humiliate my two slaves. They want so desperately try my personal human toilets, so I thought this was a good opportunity. I start to pee in the mouth of both slaves, and have them swallow my champagne, they are after all my toilets. Then my next friend want to try this as well, and she pee in their mouths as well. Minnie also wants to use my toilets, so off course I let her use them as she wants, and she really pee a lot of yellow champagne in their pathetic mouths. What they missed they must lick from the floor, while we pour hot wax on their asses.

Awesome pee party with my friends   peeing pee party humiliate human toilet

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My holiday toilet

I made my pathetic slave buy me a trip to Rome, thinking he would get any pleasure from me. What very soon became clear for him was that I only needed him there for my own convenience, as my toilet whenever and wherever I needed to relieve myself. I have him crawl to me and lay down, and I start walking on him.. while I verbally humiliate him. I touched his pathetic little dick with my sexy feet, and give him a little foot job with my socks on. He is so easily aroused by my beautiful feet :). But off course I will not let him cum, he is here for my pleasure and not his! Then I have him gazing at my sexy ass and pussy as I hoover above him, and I place my sexy ass on his face, making him breathe what he is about to consume. I lift my sexy ass up and let him feel my precious pee inside his mouth, I know he desires my golden nectar. I tell him that there is more for him. He must also eat while we are here, and as a caring Princess, I gladly share the food he pays for. I serve him my shit which is his privilege to eat after being processed through my Princess body. He should be so very happy because I really take care of him in the way I do. Just look at the pile of shit in his mouth after having taken my dump.

My holiday toilet   toilet slavery

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Slave Humiliation

Me and Mistress Milana humiliate this stupid fucker because he is just worthless. Whenever we are in a bad mood we let this loser out of hix box and let him have it. We kick him and use him as our ashtray. We spit in its ugly face and kick in its nuts mercilessly. We even burn its nipples with our cigarettes.

Cruel Domination

Painfull humiliation for our slave dog. We torture him in the cloak room. We kick his balls and I step on his useless body. We torture him with an electric fly flap. I step on his nipples pushing them into his body until they’re completely gone. At the end the slave has to lick the filthy floor in the cloak room while we just laugh at this pathetic loser.

Toilet Humiliation

Cruel humiliation. My slave has to clean my toilet with his tongue, I make him put his head deep into my toilet and make him lick the disgusting dirt inside. Urinary stone, germs and bacteria. Only the best for my slave. LOL. This ridiculous piece of shit would do everything for me even licking dog shit off my boots. Might be a good idea for a future clip. I should keep this in my mind.

This Femdom scene contains:

  • Dante Posh Toilet Training
  • mistress puts head down toilet

Asian ashtray and bootlicker

I love dominating this tiny asian slave. He looks so weak and small that I feel even more powerfull. In this clip I spit in his face and rub my boot soles in his face. Lateron I enjoy a cigarette and use the slave as my ashtray. After this the slave has to lick the bottom of my boots. This was very funny for me because I had be wearing these boots during a long shopping spree in the city and it was raining all day so my boots are really filthy.

This Femdom scene contains:

  • Femdom bootlicker

Hard Slaps

Here comes another cruel and sadistic faceslapping clip with me and my friend Mistress Blackdiamoond. We really beat the shit out of the slave in this clip. We take turns slapping our bound kneeling slave to see who can get the hardest slap in. We both have a good laugh thinking about what losers this guy is to let himself be abused like this. These slave knows the only way to even be in the same room with beautiful princesses like us, they must be willing to take a beating with a lot of humiliation to go with it. The slave gets the faceslapping of his worthless life. Again and again we slap his stupid face so hard that his head is really shaking from one side to the other. There’s only a short break when the loser has to kiss and lick my boots but after that the loser has to take it again.

Benefits Of Having A Slave

Benefits Of Having A Slave   slave ownership pussy worship oral service oral attention ass licked

Ahh the benefits of owning a slave, namely frequent oral attention. Pandora loves that aspect of slave ownership so now she introduces it to her friends Diana and Dani. Dani loves to have her ass licked even though she is quite the giggler, whereas Diana loves good old fashioned pussy worship. Such a great way to spend a lunch break between friends, some good conversation and oral service.

Benefits Of Having A Slave   slave ownership pussy worship oral service oral attention ass licked

This Femdom scene contains:

  • femdom the benefits of a slave
  • Mistress Tangent