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I Notice You Like My Bush

Princess Katie is a very observant girl. So when her slave keeps looking at her bush, this is something that definitely catches her eye. Does he want to lick it? Well that is a certainty as she has one very delicious looking pussy. That’s no problem, she will let him lick it after he begs and suffers suitably for her. The whip will do, that will get him in a begging mood and willing to acceptably suffer for the honor of licking her pussy.

I Notice You Like My Bush   slave pussy licking

Pussy Worship

Having finished chatting on the phone with her girlfriend, Sophie now has the slave pleasure her by licking her pussy. With her whip in hand she doesn’t spare the slave any pain as his tongue does it’s best to please her. Sophie lies back and relaxes in total comfort while the slave works, whipping his back when his efforts fail to please her. Sophie looks so hot in this clip!

Pussy Worship   whipping slave pussy worship pussy licking

Where A Man Belongs

Handcuffed, locked in chastity, and orally pleasuring a female, that is exactly where a man belongs. So naturally that is exactly where Harmony likes to keep her men. ‘You know how I like it’ she reminds him as he licks her tender womanhood, pleasuring her as she surfs the web. The chastity cage ensures peak performance, since he knows he won’t be getting any release hence he can properly focus on her needs. I just love this clip, Harmony’s moans of pleasure are sooooo soothing to hear! It’s clearly where all men should be.

Where A Man Belongs   womanhood licking orally pleasuring chastity

Wonder Batgirl

Maddy, as Wonder Woman, and Bonny as Batgirl. I know… We don’t need the heroes, we need to see some asses and long legs of pretty girls. I personally like the girls in bathsuits, crazy enough to destroy the men beneath them. Like tiny man who care about themselves and defende from the attack of woman. But just a little bit of defend. Enough to enjoy in pain and under evil looks of the girls. I talk too much, sorry. Who cares… Please, sit on your chair and enjoy in show.

Wonder Batgirl   under feet under ass trampling smothers long legs faceslapping facesitting butt crush Dancing, trampling and squishing.

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