• Strapon Squad

Good vibes

Right now, Maddy and Meg are the craziest girls on our site. They are full of positive energy, good vibes and talks. Together, they are atomic bomb who wait to explode and raise some hell. The guy is in the middle of the field and too lucky to die beneath such girls.

Good vibes   trampling tortures scissorhold pain humiliation female domination facesitting face slapping cruel Trample fun for the girls.

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Friends will be friends

Meg and a new girl Britney are the best friends in real life. And she has become our friend too. She heards about some recording of fetish clips and that makes her interested. As every new girl, Britney is a little shame in the beginning, but after few minutes she likes it and becomes a beastt.

Friends will be friends   trampling smother sit on face foot fetish foot domination female domination facesitting face slapping Trample lesson. This tiny guy is perfect carpet for their feet.

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Four as one

The group of four girls meet at the same time in the same place. They make a fetish party between themselves. They are not soldiers but when the friends are together they make some circle of happiness and fantasy. Meg, Britney, Maya and Nina, a new one on the site.

Four as one   trampling sit on face foot fetish fetish party facesitting Multitrample. For the old good times.

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Mistress demands obedience

Mistress Erica knows that the floor in her house is already clean but… She’s not going to quit torturing her little cunt of a chambermaid because she knows he can still do better. Watch her flog him on the floor making him squeal and crawl at her feet like a guilty dog – and watch her put him on a leash as if he were a dog again. That will be a special leash though – one attached to his balls!

Mistress demands obedience   mistress flogging

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