• Divine Bitches - Cruel corporal punishment for submissive slutboys: Ball busting, trampling, and strap-on fucking

Brutal femdom strapon initiation

Sexy dissolute mistress Marianna never misses a chance to fuck guys, and today she’s burning to explore another asshole with her enormous strapon. At first lustful mistress slowly pushes huge dildo into fella’s anal hole and then puts it on to drill slave’s ass really hard. Don’t miss the hottest femdom set!

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Huge toy for sub

The mistress went absolutely mad when she saw her boy toy lying in her bed and sniffing her dirty panties – how come this stinky motherfucker dared to misbehave in such a flagrant way! The punishment awaiting him was totally insane – he got his asshole slammed with monstrous 1.5-foot-long strapon!

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Drinking domme’s juices

Even though this submissive freak knows that he might easily *** between his domme’s hips when she gets down to facesitting him, he still decides to take the risk. Watch him get down on all fours and let her whip him like a misbehaving animal. Only after that will she allow him to take her little panties off her and taste her precious pussy. And the harder he licks her, the ruder she gets!

Drinking dommes juices   taste pussy submissive freak pussy licking panties facesitting domme

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Slave’s ass endures testing

Sexy Dana caught her lustful slave when he was jerking off while reading one of her numerous xxx magazines, and now the brunette is burning to punish the naked guy for taking it without permission. Kinky mistress will drill slave’s tight anal hole with her hard enormous strapon until the fella realizes his fault!

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Sassy slave gets butt-banged

Mistress Kseniya enjoyed making her slave wait for her – sprawled on the floor with his legs tied together making escape impossible and waiting – enormously painful. He was almost happy to see her walk in but there was nothing to be happy about. Having warmed him up with some facesitting, the bossy beauty brought him down on all fours and rammed her huge strap-on into his vulnerable bare ass…

Sassy slave gets butt banged   slave mistress huge strap on facesitting butt banged bare ass

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Facesitted pee drinker

Though the slave has probably gotten his tongue all dirty when sucking on his domme’s high heels, she decides to treat him to her pussy and let him lick it a little. However, it doesn’t bring her the pleasure she was hoping for, so… The lazy submissive fucker ends up crawling at her feet again – this time to chug down a mouthful of delicious nectar streaming out of his Mistress’s pink flower.

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Pegs and hot wax

This slave is used to harsh pain already but his evil Mistress keeps on inventing new ways to make him suffer more. Tight pegs all over his dick and in his nipples are no longer hurting him bad enough? Well, then she will burn him with candles and drip hot wax on him, pierce the most sensitive parts of his body with Wartenberg wheel and even scarify him! See that SLAVE brand on his back!

Pegs and hot wax   slave mistress harsh pain

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