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Pervert milker

First the tied up slave was hit with the whip again and again and I had lot of fun punishing him as hard as I can! It’s always so much fun to humiliate a stupid slave! But then I wanted to further increase his torture – and reward him likewise! So we went to the treatment room. There the submissive worm had to lay down on the gym treatment chair so I can give him a very nice massage… At the end he had to swallow his own sperm! That’s the way I like it!

Mei Kasahara, Audrey Leigh

Mei Kasahara, Audrey Leigh   pain orgasms forced orgasms foot worship bound Audrey Leigh

Mei Kasahara, Audrey Leigh

Mei has never, ever been tied up, and she’s certainly never done porn…so why is she here? Because like so many “girl’s next door” she has fantasies, she has desires…and they involve being bound, controlled, punished and fucked. Audrey expertly introduces Mei to pain, forced orgasms, foot worship and more. This is part 1, Chanta will continue the education in Part 2.

Yeah really cute Mei!

— Smisko


Harmony   slut rough sex orgasms fucking forced orgasms cumming bondage bitches


Last time Harmony was here we really pushed the SM level of the shoot, this time it’s all about hard bondage with rough sex and is even more challenging for one the toughest subs around. Harsh electro play that results in strong forced orgasms begin the day. Then Harmony is tied in a difficult arch and lifted to just the correct height to thoroughly lick Chanta’s ass. Lastly Harmony sucks cock while all tied up and gets fucked hard from behind, cumming all over Chanta’s cock the way a good slut should.

i agree LVRipken.chanta is great with all her bitches but harmony.is just fucking beautiful!

— dee

Bobbi Starr

Bobbi Starr   submissive orgasms fucking fuck forced orgasms Bobbi Starr BDSM anal

Bobbi Starr

Bobbi Starr discovered BDSM through porn, but now it has become a huge part of her life, and something she is eager to explore further. We take her to the boiler room and give her an education she’ll never forget; really tight bondage, hard strap-on fucking and all of the other good stuff you’d expect to see us put such a beautiful submissive through with lots of forced orgasms. Bobbi even allowed Chanta to fuck her in the ass, her FIRST EVER on-camera anal.

I love Bobbi, she’s such a meat and potatoes girl until the cameras start to roll, then the real kinky girl comes out.

— lizardnut

Penney Play, Audrey Leigh

Penney Play, Audrey Leigh   slave orgasms licking fuck forced orgasms flogging Audrey Leigh anal

Penney Play, Audrey Leigh

Penney desperately needs a job at the local strip club so that she can pay her rent….but with someone as tough as Audrey holding the auditions she doesn’t stand a chance. Audrey does find some interesting uses for Penney though! Lots of ass-licking, flogging, forced orgasms and a deep anal fuck while in tight bondage with a huge ball gag seem to keep Audrey entertained…and Penney may be asked back again, but not as a stripper, as Audrey’s fuck slave.

Penny is wonderful, never losing her innocence. both of her shoots I’ve seen sofr on this site are beautiful. Both Chanta and Audrey should be proud of their accomplishments with Penny

— lvripken

Charlotte Slander

Charlotte Slander   tit slapping strapon slapping slapped orgasms cum BDSM

Charlotte Slander

Charlotte is has never experience BDSM before, she’s fresh meat. She doesn’t know the etiquette, she comes to ChantasBitches with attitude and needs to be put in her place. Some tight rope and a few screaming orgasms will do the job. Charlotte is stretched out on machinery and tied in a strict elbows together. Chanta fucks her hard with her strapon cock before taking her to the wash basin to scrub off the dirt and cum.

A general remark, applies also here: Chanta, when there is a tit slapping action, could you ask the camera person to include the tits when camera zooms in on her face? It is still a close up, even with the action shown. They always zoom in on face only for a while, and then cut to full figure. I want to see those tits slapped. Esp when the are pretty tits like Charlotte’s.

— Frants

This Femdom scene contains:

  • strong filthy femdom tumbir
  • foot 女王调教
  • Women Who Punish