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Degradading ugly tiny slave

Look at my ridiculous asian foot bitch. This tiny guy allways comes around beging me to let it worship my feet. Ok why not of course he has to pay for it. I make him kneel down in front of my then I start humiliating it. I spit in his face, I make him, lick the dirty bottom of my shoes and I use his mouth as an ashtray. I even forve him to put my chewing gum in his face. 1280×720 HD femdom content: foot domination, human ashtray, spitting, shoe worship.

You’re my personal living toilet

Well slave … should I show you what your future tasks will be and what you’re going to eat? Well, dirty pig, I’d like it best to just sit down on your face … with your mouth open … and then guess what? Can you already guess? Yeah, I’d just shit and piss right down your cakehole! That’d be your breakfast … I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you?

  • Mistress Tangent